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Hacks for Keeping Your White Sneakers White

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Hacks for Keeping Your White Sneakers White - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyone loves their white sneakers, especially if when they are new and fresh out of the shoe box.

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Everyone loves their white sneakers, especially if when they are new

and fresh out of the shoe box. Owning a pair of pristine white

sneakers requires a great commitment that we shouldn’t forget to

maintain their gorgeously white look.

White sneakers are cool and easy to pair with any kind of outfit so it’s

crucial to keep them white at all times. Keeping your favorite

sneakers clean every after use is very important to keep them in

great shape. Just like your brand new white light up shoes, it

requires to be cleaned after using them to maintain its whiteness

and cuteness.


Use a gentle shampoo for cleansing. Using a gentle cleanser is

effective and deal for getting rid of those unwanted pesky grease

stains on your white sneakers.

Never put your white sneakers to the washing machine. You should

never ever do this for your white sneakers. Even on the gentle

cycle, your washing machine can be a bit too rough and tumble for

your favorite sneaker. Stick and focus to hand-treating your white

sneakers just to be safe.


Cleanse your white laces by rinsing them using warm water. There

are times that you are being lazy when washing your shoe laces

and you tend to throw them in the washing machine. Well, this is

not the best thing to do. Instead, hand-wash them using warm

water and a gentle soap and let them air dry.

Spot-clean stain and blemishes using Magic eraser, Mr. Clean

Wipes, and Vinegar. These cleaning tools are proven and effective

cleaning agent for any type of dirt. Rub gently to remove small

stains on your sneakers.


Hide cuffs using white nail polish. Well, it’s as simple as that. If ever

you will see a little smudge or scratch on your new sparkling white

sneakers, just put a right amount of nail polished and do a little

touch-up. It works many times.


Keeping your white sneakers looking new can be tricky and

intimidating sometimes. It requires great time and knowledge to

make sure you’re not doing the wrong way of cleaning. We cannot

deny that white sneakers are one of the most favorite shoes of

everybody, so following these 5 simple hacks can help you

preserve the beauty of your pristine white sneakers.


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