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Community Health Access Network (CH A N) a Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) 501(c)(3) Founded 1995 2008 HIMSS Davies Award Winner Community Health Organization (CHO) Category. CH A N’s HCCN Model. Non profit, 501(c)(3) Board of Directors: CEOs/EDs of our Full Members

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Community Health Access Network (CHAN)a Health Center Controlled Network(HCCN)501(c)(3) Founded 19952008 HIMSS Davies Award WinnerCommunity Health Organization (CHO) Category

Ch a n s hccn model

  • Non profit, 501(c)(3)

  • Board of Directors: CEOs/EDs of our Full Members

  • Fee Structure: Annual Dues, Monthly Shared Systems Fees (based on # of software licenses)

  • Robust Committee Structure

    • Health Services Committee (Medical Directors, Site Administrators)

    • EMR Users Group Committee (Providers)

    • Business Office Manager Users Group (BOMUG)

    • Finance Committee (meets quarterly)

    • Others as needed (ie Due Diligence Committee)

Ch a n s hccn members

6 Full FQHC members with 14 sites + 1 Healthcare for the Homeless van

-Avis Goodwin CHC (1 site; Dover - 1 site; Rochester)

-Families First Health and Support Center (1 site;

Portsmouth plus Healthcare for the Homeless

Program van)

-Health First Family Care Center (2 sites; Franklin and


-Lamprey Health Care, Inc. (4 sites; Raymond,

Newmarket, (2) Nashua )

-Manchester CHC (1site; Manchester)

-Shackelford Community Resource Center-central TX

(4 sites)

4 Affiliate members with 10 sites

-Coos County Family Health Services (2sites; Berlin – 1

site; Gorham)

-Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, Inc. (5

sites; Littleton, Woodsville, Whitefield, Franconia,


-Healthcare for the Homeless Program (1 site;


-Harbor Care Clinic, FQHC Healthcare for the

Homeless Program (1 site; Nashua)

CHAN’s HCCN Members

What do we offer our members
What do we offer our members? Homeless van

  • Fully implemented and integrated Meaningful Use Certified GE Centricity Electronic Health Record/Practice Management infrastructure (over 37,000 Observation terms, 65,000 active patient records)

    • Central server architecture; 37 virtual servers supported on site

      • Secure Patient Portal (email, appts, prescription refills, lab results, pt “view only” access to their records)

      • Robust Security Infrastructure (BotNet Filter, Intrusion Protection Software)

    • Back up system, including Kohler generator and heptoflouropropane fire suppression system which will not harm staff or servers in the event of its release.

    • IT staff with 75 years combined CHC experience

    • 24 hour Help Desk Support

    • e-form authoring

    • Staff training

  • Robust Data Warehouse with drilldown reporting to support Clinical and Operational Report Development (i.e. UDS, network dashboard reports, clinical quality indicators for individual sites)

Mature EHR Infrastructure-Linkages Homeless van


3+ Reference Labs

Advanced Electronic Prescribing


  • (via Electronic Link)

  • Diagnostic Testing Results

  • Emergency Dept Visits

  • Discharge Summaries /



  • Referrals to Specialists

  • Consultation Reports

  • Provider/Patient Communication


EKG (Cardiosoft)

Spirometry (Midmark)

Electronic Health Record


  • Patient Entered Data (BG levels)

  • Patient Requests for Refills, Appts., Referral Requests.

  • Outbound Fax

  • Referral Information to


  • Consultation Reports


  • State Lab Results

  • Hospital Documents (if not linked)

  • Consultation Reports

Clinical and operations reporting infrastructure
Clinical and Operations Reporting Infrastructure Homeless van

  • Reporting priorities are determined by members and the healthcare environment

    • UDS

    • Meaningful Use

    • NH State reporting requirements

    • Insurers

    • Network wide QI initiatives

  • CHAN develops and posts reports centrally

  • Members have capability to develop their own reports to meet their individual needs

    • Chronic disease management

    • Recalls and follow-up

Mu ready reports
MU ready reports Homeless van


  • Hypertension: Blood Pressure Measurement (NQF 0013)


  • Weight Assessment and Counseling for Children and Adolescents (NQF 0024)

  • Childhood Immunization Status (NQF 0038)


  • Asthma Pharmacologic Therapy (NQF 0047, PQRI 53)

  • Diabetes: HbA1c Poor Control (NQF 0059, PQRI 1)

  • Diabetes: LDL Management & Control (NQF 0064, PQRI 2)

Network benefits per a chc member
Network benefits (per a CHC member) Homeless van

  • Access to centralized knowledge bank for minimal cost

  • Advanced infrastructure

  • Creates cooperation and friendly competition between members –


  • Upgraded EHR system will meet “Meaningful Use” certification; direct financial benefits to CHC’s

Current chan projects which address meaningful use
Current CHAN Projects which address meaningful use… Homeless van

  • Data Warehouse Expansion– allows independent agencies access and utilization of the CHAN DW

  • Upgrade of GE EMR to Meaningful Use v9.5

  • Upgrade of PM to GE v10 to support 5010 electronic claim submission required as of 1/1/12

  • Preparation for ICD-10, to ensure cross matching will support reimbursement

  • Collaboration with stakeholders for development of NH HIE

  • Network Master Patient Index to support HIE

Chan mu core objectives scorecard

Problem List Homeless van

Medication List


Smoking Status

Vital Signs

Drug Interactions

Medication Allergy Lists



Report Clinical Quality Measures to CMS of State

Decision Support

Risk Analysis

Clinical Summaries-in process

HIE- in process

PHR-in process

CHANMU Core Objectives Scorecard

Chan mu menu objectives scorecard

Drug formulary checks Homeless van

Lab test results

Pt lists by condition

Patient Education

Medication Reconciliation

Immunization Registries – no State capabilities

Syndromic Surveillance – no State capabilities

Pt reminders – in process

Pt electronic access-in process

Transitions of care-in process

CHAN MU Menu Objectives Scorecard

Nh hie

NH HIE Homeless van

Phase I- Project Initiation and Planning Phase II – Transition

Phase III - Implementation

Nh hie1
NH HIE Homeless van

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act- Funding for Health IT includes…..

State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program (ONC); announced 8/20/09

  • Letter of intent submitted to ONC – 9/11/09

    (Designated Entity to apply for grant; NH DHHS)

  • Notification of Federal allocation of $5.5M – 9/22/09

  • Application submitted to ONC – 10/16/09

  • NH Health Information Exchange Planning and Implementation Project (HEIPI) begins - 11/2/09

Phase 1 heipi project initiation
Phase 1: HEIPI Project Initiation Homeless van

  • NH DHHS hired staff dedicated to NH HIT/HIE and HIEPI project

    • Dave Towne; State HIT Coordinator

    • Elizabeth Shields; Project Manager

  • NH DHHS hired Consulting Partner; Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) to lead creation of NH’s HIE Strategic and Operational Plan

  • Stakeholder Engagement. Identify Stakeholders and subsequent Work Groups

  • Establish NH HIT/HIE Website

Phase 1 heipi project initiation cont
Phase 1; HEIPI Project Initiation Homeless van…cont

  • Stakeholders (including, but not limited to)

    • Large/Small hospitals

    • NH State Legislators

    • CHCs, Bi-State PCA, CHAN

    • NH Medical Society

    • NH Hospital Association

    • AARP NH

    • Health Plans

    • NH DHHS

    • Home Care Association of NH

  • Work Groups

    • Governance (includes CHAN rep)

    • Finance (includes CHAN chc rep)

    • Technical Infrastructure (includes chc rep)

    • Business and Technical Operations (includes CHAN chc rep)

    • Legal/Policy

Phase1 heipi planning phase
Phase1; HEIPI Planning Phase Homeless van

  • Identify HIE phases

    • Phase 1; Secure routing

    • Phase 2; Expanded secure routing

    • Phase 3; Community record

  • Determine Governance Model

    • Health Information Organization (HIO)

    • Public-Private Partnership

  • Determine legality

    • Legislation filed as HB489; establishes a HIO for the electronic exchange of health information.

  • Determine market need

  • Begin to develop sustainability model; visit key stakeholders

Phase 2 transition
Phase 2; Transition Homeless van

  • Launching of the Interim Advisory Group (IAG); 4/29/11

    • The IAG is a transitional, public-private governance body for the HIE project

    • The IAG acts under the authority of the NH DHHS Commissioner transitioning to a Board with full authority

    • The IAG provides public-private governance to the state level HIE project pending launch of the HIO

Phase 2 transition cont
Phase 2; Transition Homeless van…cont.

  • Work Group Tasks/Activities

    • Governance Workgroup

      • Transition to IAG

      • Support Legislative Process

      • Set contingency plan and its triggers w/stakeholders

    • Finance

      • Market test value of proposed HIO services

      • Draft the Business Plan

    • Technology

      • Find and engage a Technical Services Partner (TSP) to set up and operate the technology platform – RFI and RFP process

      • Evaluate, prepare, and certify Health Information Services Providers (HISPs) to connect

    • Legal/Policy

      • Support legislative process

      • Develop HIO policies and procedures for HIO

  • Draft business plan

Phase 3 implementation
Phase 3; Implementation Homeless van

Stay tuned!!

Contact information
Contact Information Homeless van

Kirsten Platte, Executive Director

[email protected]