commercial points for 91st occ meeting
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Commercial Points for 91st OCC meeting

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Commercial Points for 91st OCC meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commercial Points for 91st OCC meeting. Tamil Nadu TN opened LC for Rs.8.49Cr only in lieu of Rs.32.84Cr LKPPL Rs.2.44 Lakhs Due to delay of wk40(31.12.12-06.01.13) UI payment. OPENING OF LC DUE TO DELAYED UI PAYMENT. CERC may issue suo-moto order any time.

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Tamil Nadu

TN opened LC for Rs.8.49Cr only in lieu of Rs.32.84Cr


Rs.2.44 Lakhs Due to delay of wk40(31.12.12-06.01.13) UI payment


CERC may issue suo-moto order any time

number of instances of delay in weekly sem data receipt at srldc during december 2013
Number of Instances of delay in Weekly SEM data receipt at SRLDC during December 2013

In case not received in time,

SRLDC will be constrained to

approach higher Forum

poc data for q4 of 2013 14 jan 14 mar 14
PoC Data for Q4 of 2013-14 (Jan’14-Mar’14)

All DICs have to furnish the node wise MW/MVAR data and Load –Generation data.

AP submitted Onlythe node-wise data

Henceforth all DICs are requested furnish the full data required for computations at least by two quarters in advance without waiting for reminders from NLDC.

poc data for q1 of 2014 15 april 14 june14
PoC Data for Q1 of 2014-15 (April 14-June14)

All the DICs has to furnish

(1) the technical details of new transmission elements, generating units which are expected to commence commercial operation from April 14-June14

(2) Yearly Transmission charges

(3) node wise MW/MVAR and (4) forecast generation and demand data

regulation 12 day ahead
Regulation 12: DAY-AHEAD
  • Applications received within 3 days prior to the day of Scheduling and up to 15:00 Hrs. of the day immediately preceding the day of scheduling shall be treated as same priority
  • Processing only after processing of the Collective Transactions of the Power Exchange (s)
  • Congestion Management – Pro-rata
application for day ahead scheduling
Application for Day ahead scheduling








Processing time

Approval after Collective

Separate application for each transaction.

regulation 13 contingency
Regulation 13: CONTINGENCY
  • Buying Utility/Trader on its behalf to make an Application to the Nodal RLDC
  • To be considered after 1500 hrs of the day immediately preceding the day of scheduling
  • In case of intra-day/same day –

scheduling from 6th time block

  • Congestion Management – approve on first come basis
process of declaring margins for px
Process of declaring margins for Px
  • For facilitating Collective Tx in Px, every morning by 10am, SRLDCs gives to NLDC the margin available in ER-SR, WR-SR and S1-S2 corridors for next day.
  • Similar action taken by ERLDC and WRLDC also for IR including ER-SR and WR-SR.
  • NLDC moderates the margins given by SRLDC,ERLDC and WRLDC and restricts to least of the two before giving to Px.
congestion message by nldc
Congestion message by NLDC
  • If the requirement by Px is more than the Corridor declared by NLDC, then it is said that Congestion occured in PX
  • NLDC issues a message to RLDCs giving the details of Congestion in ER-SR, WR-SR or S1/S2 corridors if any
  • RLDC considers the above message while processing the DA/Conty STOA applications.
  • NLDC message advises to approve DA/Conty STOA only if any new margins are created which were not envisaged while declaring ATC in the morning.
treatment of da conty applications in case of congestion
Treatment of DA/Conty Applications in case of Congestion
  • If there is congestion for the time blocks and corridors for which applications are made Check for the following events which were not factored in ATC declaration :
  • if any Line is restored in Congested Corridor
  • if any unit outage occurred in the Upstream network (Exporting area)
  • if any unit revival occurred in the Downstream network (Importing area)
If any of the above criterion is observed, then SRLDC approves the Applications
  • Decision is made based on ATC declared for IR or S1/S2 corridors not on Real time line Flows
  • If line flows in the flow gate are within limits also, no STOA/ URS is approved.
  • Deviations in ATC vis-a-vis Real time line Flows in the Flow Gate may occur due to difference in LGBR projected for evaluating the ATC
  • Because the Line flows vary dynamically in Real time, STOA approvals are not issued even if Flow Gate is not violated.
  • DA/Conty are last category of STOAs after Adv/ FCFS / Px. They can be approved only to the extent of Residual margins without compromising the Grid Security