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A Riya Patel. Assyrians of Babylon. Assyrians of Babylon. The Assyrians lived upstream Tigris river and Babylonia. In the 1350’s B.C they had a war with some parts of the

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A Riya Patel

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A riya patel

ARiya Patel

Assyrians of Babylon

Assyrians of babylon

Assyrians of Babylon

The Assyrians lived upstream Tigris river and Babylonia.

In the 1350’s B.C they had a war with some parts of the

north and they won, also they built a empire as far as Egypt. They made powerful weapons and armies. They also damaged the rivers. Assyrians used chariots in the war to move quickly. They buried the died with their favorite things. The Assyrian king was Sennacherib.

Assyrians of babylon s

Assyrians of Babylon's

The wheels we use today for traveling and we use it today to. Sailboats are for trading and other things to reach somewhere. The woman also invented home cooking tools.

B riya patel

BRiya Patel



Babylon was the capital

of Mesopotamia. To

the Babylon's Maruk was the most important

god to them. Visitors

and traders bought food. King Hammarabi declared they built the city in honor of Maruk.




Babylon is similar to today by they make steps today and in the old days they fill the space of the road. Also they are the same because they throw the trash out the front door and we do that today to.








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