Teaching and learning resources on the internet
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Teaching and Learning Resources on the Internet. 謝寶煖 台灣大學圖書資訊學系副教授 2004 年 11 月 6 日 [email protected] Outline. Course content online MIT OCW The World Lecture Hall GEM Yale and the World Research online Collaboratories Shariums Online Communities Archives Open Access Journals

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Teaching and learning resources on the internet

Teaching and Learning Resources on the Internet




[email protected]


  • Course content online

    • MIT OCW

    • The World Lecture Hall

    • GEM

    • Yale and the World

  • Research online

    • Collaboratories

    • Shariums

    • Online Communities

    • Archives

    • Open Access Journals

  • Web search tools

    • Directory

    • Search engines

    • Meta search engines

Course content online
Course content online

  • Course title

  • Syllabus

  • Readings,

  • lecture notes, handouts,

  • assignments, review questions

  • pictures, animations, audio clips, video presentation

Course content online1
Course content online


  • The World Lecture Hall

  • Yale and the World

  • Gateway to Educational Materials, GEM

Mit opencourseware mit ocw

MIT OpenCourseWare MIT OCW



Mit ocw

  • Goals

    • Provide free, searchable, access to MIT's course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

    • Extend the reach and impact of MIT OCW and the "opencourseware" concept.

  • publish the materials from virtually all of MIT's undergraduate and graduate courses. (2008)

  • With 900 courses published as of September 2004

The world lecture hall

The World Lecture Hall


World lecture hall
World Lecture Hall

  • publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language.

  • Some courses are delivered entirely over the Internet. Others are designed for students in residence. Many fall somewhere in between.

  • has 83 categories to browse.

  • university-level courses

Yale international homepage

Yale International Homepage


Gem the gateway to educational materials

GEMThe Gateway to Educational Materials



  • The Gateway to Educational Materials

  • Sponsored by ed.gov (美國教育部)

  • A Consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

Research online
Research online

  • Collaboratories

  • Shariums

  • Online Communities

  • Open Access Journals

  • Archives


  • Collaboratories

    • 1989 William Wulf

    • Science of collaboratories, SOC

    • Univ. of Michigan, Howard Univ.

    • Sponsored by National Science Council

    • http://www.scienceofcollaboratories.org/Resources/colisting.php

  • Shariums

    • BioScience http://www.pmabs.org/sharium/

    • The American Front Porch (AFP) http://www.ils.unc.edu/afporch/main.html

  • Online Communities

    • Ask An Expert

    • Knowledgebases http://students.washington.edu/lmon/knowledgebases.html

Online communities
Online Communities

  • Knowledgebases

    • http://students.washington.edu/lmon/knowledgebases.html

  • Ask An Expert

Ask an expert services
Ask an Expert services

  • AskERIC

  • Ask Joan of Art! (National Museum of American)

  • NASA's Ask the Space Scientist

Open access journals

Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals


Journal that use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access. From the BOAI definition [1] of "open access" we take the right of "users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles" as mandatory for a journal to be included in the directory.

Journal selection criteria
Journal Selection Criteria

  • Information coverage 1.1 Subject: all scientific and scholarly subjects are covered1.2 Types of resource: research or review papers in full text.1.3 Acceptable sources: academic, government, commercial, non-profit private sources are all acceptable.1.4 Level: the target group should be primarily researchers.1.5 Content: a substantive part of the journal should consist of research papers. All content should be available in full text.

  • Access 2.1 Cost: No charges to users or their institutions.2.2 Registration: Free user registration online is acceptable.2.3 Journals that has an embargo period will not be added.

  • Metadata 3.1 Granularity: Being catalogued on journal title level.

  • Quality 4.1 Quality control: Peer-review or editorial quality control

Web search tools

Web Search Tools


Search engines

Meta search engines


  • Netcraft Web Server Survey

    • has topped55 million sites for October 2004, receiving responses from 55,388,466 sites.(5千5百萬個網站)

    • roughly 1 million sites a month

      Source: Netcraft Web Server Surveyhttp://news.netcraft.com/archives/web_server_survey.html



  • 搜尋引擎Google可以搜尋 網頁(含PDF檔)


  • 分類目錄(subject directories)

    • 網站

    • Yahoo, Yam

  • 搜尋引擎(search engines)

    • 網頁

    • Google, Alltheweb, altavista

    • Openfind, sina (找期刊論文)

  • 整合式搜尋引擎(meta search engines)

    • 網頁

    • Mama, DogPile, Search.com

  • 入口網站(Portal)

  • 網站指南(Web Guide)

Yahoo! 奇 摩 分 類


Web site directory sites organized by subject
 Web Site Directory - Sites organized by subject



Internet People > Meg Whitman

Directory > Computers and Internet > Internet > People > Whitman, Meg

Google www google com www google com tw

  • 國際多語,透過語言選擇項目

    • 用戶可以指定自己喜好的語言版本

    • 可設定查詢範圍只在特定的語言內


  • I’m Feeling Lucky(好手氣)

  • Web Search

    • Preference ( 偏好設定)

    • Advanced Search

      • Language

      • Date

      • Format(可查pdf檔)

      • Domain

  • 分類目錄(web directory):知識彙整

  • 專業搜尋(topic-specific search):大學、政府

  • 查詢結果

    • 頁庫存檔(Cached)

    • 群組結果(Clustering)

    • 查找類似網頁(Similar pages)

    • 翻譯

  • Google Toolbar + Desktop search

    • About Google > Google Services & Tools

  • Make Google Your Homepage! (設定成首頁)

Web search preference advanced search language date format pdf domain tips

Web Search

Preference ( 偏好設定)

Advanced Search






搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第一招

    • 明確字詞 精確結果

      • 輸入查詢的字詞愈明確,則查到的資料愈精確

        • 電影

        • 電影關鍵報告

        • 總統就職 國宴 四季宴

          ( 代表空一格,中文以空格區辨詞組)

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第二招

    • 有加有減 結果更相關

      • + 輸入的關鍵字一定要出現在檢索結果中

        • 臥虎藏龍

        • 臥虎藏龍電視劇

        • 臥虎藏龍+電視劇+電影

        • 臥虎藏龍+電視劇+電影-音樂

        • +clinton +lewinsky

      • - 輸入的關鍵字一定不要出現在檢索結果中

        • 臥虎藏龍-音樂

        • +clinton –lewinsky

        • 知識管理 -site:.com

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第三招

    • 限定查詢範圍 結果更精確

      • 語文

      • 網域:.edu .tw .gov.tw .com .idv.tw

      • 日期

      • 資料類型 .ppt .pdf .doc

      • 分類

      • 地域

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第四招 布林查詢

    • 可將查詢範圍明確地擴大或縮小,使查詢結果更為準確

      • AND 、OR 、NOT

      • + -

        • dogs AND cats

        • 貓 AND 音樂劇

        • dogs OR cats

        • 皮卡丘 OR 趴趴熊

        • dogs NOT cats

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第五招 關鍵字的選擇

    • 平均輸入1.5個關鍵字三個不算多

    • 5W1H

      • What

      • Who

      • Where

      • When

      • why

      • How

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第六招 自然語言查詢

    • 利用智慧代理分析輸入的問句,粹取關鍵字並判斷關鍵字間的布林關係,送到搜尋引擎資料庫進行查詢比對,再回饋查詢結果。

      • 例:how doctor define SARS

      • Where is a good place to stay in Boston?

    • Stop words(頻繁字),如a, an, at, in …

      • To be or not to be

      • “To be or not to be”

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第七招 片語查詢(Phrase Searching)

    • 加上引號“ ”

      • “knowledge management”

      • 自動片語查詢: Google, Alta Vista, Excite

搜尋秘笈 稱霸網林

  • 第八招 指定欄位(Field Searching)

    • title:knowledge management

    • title:“knowledge management”

    • title:”knowledge management” –site:.com


  • 多組關鍵字

  • 用+ 表示 and,要

  • 用- 表示not,不要

  • 嘗試不同的工具以得到最佳的結果

Cached similar pages search within this result


頁庫備份 Cached

類似網頁 Similar Pages

結果再查詢 search within this result

CNN - Behind the scenes at eBay - January 13, 2000 Category: News > Online Archives > CNN.com > 

2000 > January > Tech [CNN]



Lecture notes




分類目錄vs. 搜尋引擎


  • 選擇性搜尋

    • 限制每個搜尋引擎的查詢時間或筆數

    • 適合做探索性搜尋,選擇適用的搜尋引擎

    • MetaCrawler,Mamma, Ixquick Metasearch

  • 完整搜尋

    • Dogpile, Profusion, Copernic

  • 分類目錄

    • 將專業搜尋引擎分門別類

    • Search.com

Mamma s ranking algorithm
Mamma’s Ranking Algorithm

  • rSort

    • Works like a voting system for search results.

    • The search engines Mamma.com queries often return duplicate results. Instead of simply eliminating the duplicates as many metasearch engines may do, we use this information to rank our results.

    • Each duplicate search result is considered a 'vote' for that result.

    • Pages with the highest number of votes go at the top of our result set (for the mathematicians in the audience, the method of voting we use is a simplified version of the "Condorcet Method", named after the mathematician Marquis de Condorcet who invented this voting procedure in the 18th century).

    • One of the big advantages of this ranking method is the elimination of search engine spam.

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