Development of Trainer Competencies for Ireland

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The project. Commissioned by the Trainers Network (the Trainers Network was initiated by F

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Development of Trainer Competencies for Ireland

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1. Development of Trainer Competencies for Ireland Simon Haslam, FMR Research Ltd 29 February 2008

2. The project Commissioned by the Trainers Network (the Trainers Network was initiated by FÁS – Ireland’s training and employment authority with EU ADAPT funding in order to develop the profession of training in Ireland) Project objective – to conduct a survey on trainer competencies in order to establish national competency standards for trainers and identifying competencies for each of the functional areas within the training profession, that will be acceptable to FAS, to the training profession and to HETAC and FETAC (the education training awards councils).

4. Our process (from mid 07) Literature/practice review Stakeholders workshop - via Trainers Network On-line survey Results Trainers Network Expert Skills Group Draft competencies document Reflective interviews (state, business, academic voices) Refined draft

5. Emergent issues The terminology is challenging Initially - ‘trainers… and ‘core competencies’ Develop national/international integration… … and future-proofing Ownership by a specific body (58%) Initial level (currently) - Level 6 (Ireland) 5 (Europe) Period updating Agreed three main headings: Personal, Technical, Business… …with Knowledge, Skills, Competency dimensions “Easier conceptually than practically”

6. “Single most important goal” Trainer recognition and quality assurance Uniformity/consistency (minimum standard) Nationally/internationally recognised acceptance (inc FAS/HETAC/FETAC) Having a workable structure where one size doesn’t fit all

7. “Largest potential pitfall” Opt-in status Insufficient input by the profession/ provincial ownership Losing sight of the aim of improving skills and that this is continuous Getting bogged down in a stakeholders debate (lack of acceptance) Need greater clarity Trying to create a single set – compromise/generality

8. “Trainer” Adequate term (69%)… … though well defined (80%) Familiar, generic (CEDEFOP) … but narrow, old fashioned, implies ‘trainee’ Learning Facilitator? Compromise necessary No presumption on job title – nor training being someone’s only role

9. Personal competencies

10. Technical competencies

11. Business competencies

12. Current 12 months aspiration Level 6 – under three headings, with underpinning knowledge, skills, competency Recognised by FETAC/HETAC and FAS Project management structure (with supporting funding in place) In step with NSAI, CEDEFOP, ISO Clear links between competencies and government support for training interventions Clear links between competencies and the development of trainers in Ireland

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