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European News Jun Kim. Recent news : - France abuzz over alcoholic 'cure‘ - Brown and Sarkozy meet to discuss bailout plans - Dioxins join food scare menu - EU to launch first anti-piracy operation. France abuzz over alcoholic 'cure‘. SO WHO? A cure for alcoholism .

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European News Jun Kim

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European news jun kim

European NewsJun Kim

  • Recent news :

    - France abuzz over alcoholic 'cure‘

    - Brown and Sarkozy meet to discuss bailout


    - Dioxins join food scare menu

    - EU to launch first anti-piracy operation

France abuzz over alcoholic cure

France abuzz over alcoholic 'cure‘


  • A cure for alcoholism.

  • Dr Olivier Ameisen, 55, one of France's top heart specialists, sayshe overcame his own addiction to alcohol by self-administering dosesof a muscle-relaxant called baclofen.

What about it

Encouraging people to think that there is a miracle molecule is to completely misunderstand the nature of alcoholism

Dr Michel Reynaud

WHAT about it?

  • Widespread media coverage of his book in France has led to a rushof demands from alcoholics for similar treatment, and some doctorshave reported unexpected successes after prescribing it.

  • But many other specialists are skeptical, warning of the dangers of so-called miracle cures.

    “Encouraging people to think that thereis a miracle molecule is to completelymisunderstand the nature of alcoholism”

    - Dr. Michel Reynaud of Paul-Brousse hospital in Paris

What 2


  • Basically Dr. Ameisen claimed to have found a cure of alcoholism, a big problem around the world nowadays. He said he cured his alcoholism with certain chemicals.

  • The book he printed about it has been a best seller recently in autumn.

  • Other people claim it was just a ‘miracle’ and it could not be trusted for now.

  • Tests currently going on to verify if the muscle-relaxant bacloflendoes actually work on curing alcoholism.

  • Curing a disease such as alcoholism takes more than a drug.

Where is this happening

WHERE is this happening?

  • As the news says, it is, or has happened in France. This ‘cure’ was found out and the is currently being verified/tested in France (Paris).

  • But as alcoholism is more of a worldwide problem, it is mostly likely to impact not only France but countries such as England, the US, South Korea, Russia and other countries that has a high percentage of people addicted to alcoholism.

When did this happen

WHEN did this happen?

  • “Page last updated at 16:44 GMT, Saturday, 6 December 2008”

    ★ Yes, the news was updated at this time.

  • To be specific, his first claim was made in French in his current best-seller book, Le Dernier Verre.

  • Later, the book was translated and talked about.

  • The book is to be published in English soon.

  • Otherwise, he discovered this fact while the heart specialist was an alcohol addict himself. He had to survive on alcohol because of the outer pressure and found out he could survive it through the application of certain medicine and chemicals.


Why is it so important

WHY is it so important?

  • Alcoholism, or the addiction to alcohol is a huge issue nowadays- and have been for several decades.

  • People dying of liver cancer caused by alcohol consumption is increasing by the day.

  • Alcoholism is eventually a mental habit, just like smoking, drugs, and other hobbies.

  • There are several ways to fix it- but the people addicted themselves have to try hard. Eventually, this ‘ muscle-relaxant cure’ also requires the addicted person to try hard.

  • Alcoholism a world wide problem across almost all 7 countries. Several notable countries include the UK, the US, South Korea, and Russia.

What i


  • Think… A baby drinking!

  • My grandfather passed away caused by cancer

    from a combination of consumption of alcohol and

    smoking cigarettes. I think advancing technology will

    eventually help people from dying of the same kind

    of habits.

  • Even this kind of theoretical cure would be really advantageous in developing an actual proved, consistent and effective cure.

  • Each ‘miracle’ of this kind is a step towards a brighter future and conserving human health more effectively.

  • Alcohol addiction is no different from AIDS or HIV. Although AIDS or HIV may be a disease caused by a virus, a habit is just like a virus. It can be contagious, or whatever, but is eventually a part of the human health system.



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