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Our History. Council of Administrators of Home Economics Programs Related to Liberal Arts. 1960-1963. 1963-1965. Council of Administrators in Home Economics CAHE. Council for Home Economics in Liberal Arts. 1966-1990. 1990-2010.

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Our History

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Our History

Council of Administrators of Home Economics Programs Related to Liberal Arts



Council of Administrators in Home EconomicsCAHE

Council for Home Economics in Liberal Arts



Presented by Nina Dilbeck2010 CAFCS Annual MeetingSan Diego, CA

Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences

Lake Michigan Conferences


Dr. Mary Crenshaw

Dr. Emma Whiteford

Dr. Francis Goldsmith

Dr. Vivian Roberts

Dr. E. Neige Todhunter

Dr. Eugenia Whitehead

Edna Hill

Ruth Bonde

Charter & Founding Members

The Council of Administrators of Home Economics Programs Related to Liberal Arts



Council for Home Economics in Liberal Arts


Pick Congress Hotel1893

Pick Congress HotelDining

Purposes of the 1st Meeting

  • Formulate a clearer concept of Home Economics

  • Standards for curriculum

  • Upgrading professional work

  • Minimum qualifications for faculty

  • Furthering research

  • Needs and advantages of continuing meetings

Distressing Facts that Emerged

  • Declining enrollment in Home Economics

  • Blurred and indecisive image of Home Economics

  • Lack of qualified faculty and other leaders

  • Paucity of distinguished research and publication to undergird claim of scholarship

Outcomes of First Meeting

  • Permanent Organization

  • Name: Council for Home Economics in Liberal Arts

  • Membership would be kept small


Strengthening Home Economics in Higher Education

The Purpose of Organization Shall Be

First Officers ofCouncil of Administrators of Home Economics Programs Related to Liberal Arts


Ruth Bonde, Northwestern U


Edna Hill, University of Kansas


Vivian Roberts, Ohio University

February 24-26, 1966

Name changed to National Council of Administrators of Home Economics


Purpose of Organization1966

1.To Strengthen Home Economics in

higher education

2.To encourage cooperative relations among all Home Economics Administrators in higher education

Members Are:

  • United in Purpose

  • Independent in Leadership

  • Committed to Programs Within Diversified Institutions

  • Challenged by Change

  • Constructive in Innovation

  • Realistic in Plans

First Life Member

Sister Mary Flynn, B.V.M., Mundelein College


Building and Growing

Activities of the 70’s

  • Research handbooks were prepared and distributed

  • The Legislative Committee was formed

  • Representation for:

    • Joint Council on Food and Agricultural Science of USDA

    • National Agricultural Research and Extension Users

Activities of the 70’s (con’t)

  • Representation for:

    • Advisory Board of USDA

    • The Commissions of NASULGC

    • New Initiatives of Home Economics

    • AHEA

Meeting Locations

  • 1960-78 Pick Congress Hotel, Chicago,IL

  • 1979 Georgia Terrace Hotel,

    Atlanta, GA

Annual Themes 1970’s

  • A Search for New Perspectives

  • Home Economics Re-Examined: Action for the 70’s

  • The Effective Administrator

  • Challenges for Administrators in the 70’s

  • Competencies for Home Economics

Annual Themes 1970’s (con’t)

  • New Visibility for Home Economics: Articulation, Legislation and New Careers

  • Strengthening Our Climate

  • Insights Into Administration

  • The Administrator On and Off the Job

70’s Presidents

  • Anne Lee, Indiana State U

  • Mary Ruth Swope, Eastern Illinois U

  • Flossie Byrd, Prairie View A&M College

  • Jane Rees, Miami University

  • Katharine Hall, Montclair State College

70’s Presidents (con’t)

  • Jean Snyder, Mississippi State

  • Merna Samples, CSU, Long Beach

  • Alice Koenecke, Murray State U

  • Beverly Fowler, Indiana State U


Expansion and Involvement

Issues of the 80’s

  • Anti-dropout legislation

  • Legislative bills addressing teen-suicide

  • The Farm Bill

  • Consumer and Homemaking Education Funding

Capitol Hill Topics of Interest

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Older Americans

  • Equal employment

  • Comparable worth

  • Trade legislation

  • Family violence

  • Single parents

Topic of Concern for Home Economics

  • Accreditation

  • Certification

  • Insufficient funding, time and qualified personnel for research

  • Shortage of home economics administrators and potential administrators

  • Home Economics name changes


  • 1982 Emerging Home Economics Administrators in Higher Education

  • 1983 Combined meeting with AAHE

  • 1985 Mid-Career Workshop for Home Economics Administrators

  • Consortium to launch Project 2000

San Antonio, TX

Denver, CO

Philadelphia, PA

Fort Worth, TX

Portland, OR

Williamsburg, VA

Memphis, TN

San Francisco, CA

Hilton Head, NC

New Orleans, LA

1980’s Meeting Locations

Annual Themes 1980’s

  • In Search of Excellence in Higher Education

  • Developing Leadership and Administrative Potential in Home Economics

  • Home Economics and the Politics of Higher Education

  • United Voices – A Future Force

  • In Search of Excellence in Higher Education

Annual Themes 1980’s (con’t)

  • Change Masters in Higher Education

  • Targeting the Twenty-First Century

  • Confronting Today’s Challenges

  • Issues for the 90’s

  • Our Roots – Our Future

Presidents 80’s

  • Mary Ellen Durrett, University of Texas

  • Bess Haley, Louisiana Tech U

  • Gwen Cooke, San Diego State U

  • Grace Hoover, South East Missouri State U

  • Ardyce Gilbert, South Dakota State U

  • Margaret Briggs, Montana State U

  • Bonnie Rader, CSU, Long Beach

  • Joan Terry, Southwest Texas State U

  • Donna Cowan, Iowa State U

  • Kitty Coffey, Carson-Newman College


Preparing for the 21st Century

90’s Critical Areas of Concerns

  • Unifying the name of the profession

  • Changing role of Family and Consumer Sciences in Higher Ed

  • Defining scholarly work

  • Accreditation

  • Diversity in faculty and students

  • Collaboration with other organizations

90’s Critical Areas of Concerns con’t

  • Role of cooperative extension and community colleges

  • Global issues impacting the family

  • Curriculum changes

  • Gaining new members


  • Syracuse Project

  • Commission on Home Economics

  • Scottsdale Conference

  • Conceptual Framework ratification

  • Self-Management Mentoring Program

  • 1994 Emerging Administrators in FCS in Higher Education

  • 1997 Experienced Administrators workshop

  • 1999 FCS Summit

Changes in the 90’s

  • Name change to Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences (CAFCS)

  • New Bylaws

  • Altered Committee Structure

  • New Mentoring Program

  • New Policy Handbook

Revised Purpose

“Strengthening Family and Consumer Sciences and related units in higher education through the development of excellence in administration”

80’s Meeting Locations

  • Newport Beach, CA

  • Birmingham, AL

  • Washington DC

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • Greensboro, NC

  • Nashville, TN

  • St Louis, MO

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • Arlington, TX

Annual Themes 1990’s

  • Meeting the Challenges of the 90’s

  • Building On Success

  • Leadership 2000

  • Scholarship 2000

  • Empowering members for Instructional Leadership

  • Paradigm Shifts for the 21st Century People, Programs and Strategies

Annual Themes 1990’s (con’t)

  • Chaos, Information, Relationships and Vision

  • Leadership in Healthy Chaos: Opportunities and Strategies for Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Charting Our Future

  • Open Summit on the Future of FCS in Higher Education

90’s Presidents

  • Audrey Clark CSU, Northridge

  • Nancy McClain, Southwestern OK State U

  • Amelia Brown, East Tennessee State U

  • Virginia Clark Johnson, North Dakota State U

  • Joy Bostrom, South Dakota State U

  • Barbara Bovy, Seattle Pacific U

  • Mary ‘Peggy’ Whan, U of Arkansas

  • Fran Andrews, University of Montevallo

  • Esther Glover Fahm, U of Wisconsin, Stout

  • Nina Dilbeck, CSU, Fresno


The New Millennium

Annual Themes 2000’s

  • FCS In a New Millenium: Maximizing Our Potential

  • Health of Our Profession, Our Work Environment, and Ourselves

  • Negotiating the Leadership Maze

  • Collaboration Among Professionals

  • Leadership, Courage and Advocacy: The Dynamic Triad

Annual Themes 2000’s (con’t)

  • Positioning for the Future

  • Shaping the Future Through Successful Leadership

  • Leadership – The Essential Edge

  • The Future of the Past: Celebrating 50 Year of Leadership in FCS

2000 New Orleans, LA

2001 San Diego, CA

2002 San Antonio, TX

2003 Savannah, GA

2004 Salt Lake City, UT

2005 Washington, DC

2006 Memphis, TN

2007 Washington DC

2008 San Diego, CA

2009 Washington DC

2010 San Diego, CA

Meeting Locations 2000’s

2000’s Presidents

  • Shirley Baugher, University of Minn

  • Karla Hughes, Morehead State U

  • Shirley Reagan, Louisiana Tech U

  • Erskine Smith, Western Illinois U

  • Frances Shipley, Northwest U

  • Mary Pritchard, Northern Illinois U

  • Billie Collier, Florida State U

  • Janet Pope, Louisiana Tech U

  • Jan Shane Murphy, Illinois State U

  • Richard Glotzer, University of Akron

“Strengthening Family and Consumer Sciences and related units in higher education through the development of excellence in administration”

Purpose of CAFCS

“A great organization is what it is,because it was.”

Dr. Kitty Coffey, History of NCAHE, 1960-90

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