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Heads Up Teaching and Learning Conference. November 2012. Outstanding learning and teaching. Professor Charles Desforges OBE. Ofsted (September 2012). Pupils to show sustained progress deep understanding skills application readiness to move on. Expert learners exhibit.

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Presentation Transcript

Heads UpTeaching and Learning Conference

November 2012

Outstandinglearning and teaching

Professor Charles Desforges OBE

Ofsted (September 2012)

Pupils to show sustained progress deep understanding skills application readiness to move on

Expert learners exhibit

- the will to learn

- ability to form objectives for learning (self challenging)

- persistence in adversity

- knowledge of learning processes

- basic skills

- creativity and flexibility (self informing)


attitudesesp:responsibility persistence



esp:citizenship learning

Ideal teaching and learning hi

- learner centred

- cognitive and metacognitive activity

- learning thinking skills

- afl

- effect size 0.7 sd

Challenge: hi

Changes form as tasks change purposeaccumulation





Differentiation by hi


When does knowledge use fail? hi

- the knowledge is not there

- knowledge is there but relevance is not seen

- relevance is seen but application strategy not available

- strategy available but commitment lacking

Teaching for knowledge use hi


- an active knowledge base

- application strategies

- ‘can do’ attitude

- authentic activities

Learning in and out of school hi

in school out of school

individual shared

general specific

symbolic manipulation contextualised reasoning

“How can schools enable youngstersto connect and draw from all the forces for learning at their disposal?”

References hi

About learning (2006) London:Demos: www.demos.co.ukBransford, J.D. et al (1999) How people learn. Washington: National Academy Pressfuturelab.org.ukOfsted (2012) Improving Schools (from Ofsted website)www.c4eo.org.uk