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THE. IT. CAREER BUILDER'S. T O O L K I T. Your Complete Guide to Building Your Technology Career in Any Economy. Matthew Moran. Part 1. An Introduction to Career Building. The Toolkit Approach to Career Development. Chapter 1 . Toolkit Approach.

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Your Complete Guide to Building Your

Technology Career in Any Economy

Matthew Moran

Part 1

An Introduction to Career Building

The Toolkit Approach to Career Development

Chapter 1

Toolkit Approach

  • Book contains vital information and proven methods that can make a huge impact on your career success.

  • Read each chapter as assigned.

  • Complete Actions & Ideas at end of each chapter.

Career Building Defined

Chapter 2

Career Building

  • The danger of a tool-driven mindset

  • A job is not a career

  • Careers are non-linear

  • A working plan makes a tedious of unrewarding jobs bearable

Career Building: The Concept

  • A theoretical career path…


Career Building: The Concept

  • A more realistic picture…

Information Technology: A Great Career

Chapter 3


  • Information technology is a great career choice!

  • Career building

  • Concepts for accelerated advancement

    • The value-added technologist

IT Is a Great Career!

  • Unprecedented growth−still.

    • The U.S. department of labor statistic places information technology as the fastest growing job segment over the next 10 years.

    • Technology professionals still fare better than similarly trained professions (in terms of time spent).

  • Performance-based advancement.

    • What have you done for me lately?

  • Less prone to tenure/time seniority grids for advancement.

IT Is a Great Career!

  • But what happened?

    • Thousands of poorly conceived businesses, run by fledgling technologists, who were moved into management; and then built by, entry-level developers, in a newly developed/preadolescent/marginally accepted economy…

      • What were we thinking?

    • An industry forced to mature quickly due to several highly-publicized failures must hit the breaks and take a look at where it’s going.

IT Is a Great Career!

  • This is a great thing!

    • For the producer: If you can develop the full set of talents needed to solve your client’s problems, you will separate yourself from what I call widget-producer technologists.

Defining Yourself: Aptitudes and Desires

Chapter 4


  • Factors to help you decide:

    • Pay

    • Insurance

    • Training

    • Commute

    • Working Conditions (people, culture, environment, hours)

    • Future growth potential

More Factors

  • Factors to help you decide:

    • Desires

      • What do you like?

      • What do you hate?

      • What do you want?

    • Skills

      • What are you good at?

      • Learn new skills

Career Building: The Concept

  • Career building is exactly that−building.

  • Getting a job or a string of jobs is not synonymous with building a career.

  • A builder must have a plan.

  • A builder must have the right tools.


  • Many factors to consider when choosing an IT career

  • IT offers many possibilities, from highly creative to highly analytical

  • Determine the factors that motivate you and mesh well with your innate abilities

  • Your career plan will help you enjoy your job and be paid well.

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