Impact of alien species
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Impact of Alien Species PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact of Alien Species. Rachel Naugle, Julie Busch, Alex Ozdamar, and Michael Rempter. What is an Alien Species?. An alien species is a species that is not in its original environment. An alien species may be put in an environment to help .

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Impact of Alien Species

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Impact of Alien Species

Rachel Naugle, Julie Busch, Alex Ozdamar, and Michael Rempter

What is an Alien Species?

  • An alien species is a species that is not in its original environment.

  • An alien species may be put in an environment to help .

  • An example would be if a bird was brought to America to eat all the poisonous spiders.

What does an Alien Species do?

  • Alien species are presented to an environment to potentially fix a problem involving a native species.

  • Enters new area either accidentally or deliberately.

  • As stated in the previous slide an example of this is if a special bird was brought to get rid of a species is hazardous to the health of the people.

Is there a certain area being affected?

  • One area is not more affected then others because it depends on where species are being imported to.

  • Examples: The brush-tail possum was deliberately imported to New Zealand from Australia for the fur trade. Also the red fire ant accidentally invaded America by moving north from South America.

What is the problem?

  • The problem with alien species they can be detrimental or have a negative effect on the ecosystems in which they have entered.

  • Alien species also can have effects on agriculture, ranching, forestry, and industry.

How is this being caused?

  • One way in which invasive species enter a new area is by a deliberate introduction. Alien species can be beneficial because they can control the population of prey as well as stimulating certain industries (ex. fur).

  • A different way is an accidental invasion. The species may spread or migrate to a different area because of human technology and/or lack of food in their natural environment.

What can happen if this gets out of control?

  • Possible outcomes include and extinction of certain species due the possibility that the alien species may feed on them.

  • Cost excessively increasing to control the species and prevention.

  • Imbalance within ecosystem due to new species’ entrance.

Environmental Impact

  • The alien species may have a negative affect on the native species.

  • Ex. Zebra mussels have been imported to interact with different aquatic life. This may have a negative affect because they could potentially clog lakes and waterways.

  • Can throw off ecosystem (predation)

Ways to Help Within Day-to-Day Living

  • Stop deliberately introducing invasive species

  • Check packaging to avoid species being shipped accidentally across borders (as seen in the red imported fire ant)

Identification and explanation of how this impacts natural biogeochemical cycles.

  • Potentially:

    • Add CO2

    • Use O2

    • Consume H2O

  • Cycles modified in general by species’ presence.

The End!

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