Life in the northern colonies
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Life in the Northern Colonies. Chapter 3 Section 3 (part 1). Middle Colonies Economy. The economy of the middle colonies was based around family farming. Farmers grew several different kinds of crops (unlike in the South) (No plantations).

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Life in the northern colonies

Life in the Northern Colonies

Chapter 3

Section 3 (part 1)

Middle colonies economy
Middle Colonies Economy

  • The economy of the middle colonies was based around family farming.

  • Farmers grew several different kinds of crops (unlike in the South)

    (No plantations)

The economy also had an iron industry and ports at Philadelphia and New York City

New england economy
New England Economy

  • The Fishing industry thrived in New England

  • Lumber Industry/Shipbuilding

  • Rum from West Indies is distilled in New England

Northern cities
Northern Cities

  • Unlike the South, the North has several large cities

  • (Philadelphia by the 1700s is the 2nd largest city in the British Empire)

  • Colonial cities were advanced for the time with paved streets, parks, and police

Problems in cities
Problems in cities

  • Fire

  • Disease

  • Poverty (orphans/ widows)


  • In 1700 the colonies were about 80-85% British

  • The colonies become more diverse with immigration

Slavery in the north
Slavery in the North

  • Slavery did exist in the North until after the Revolutionary War

  • Smaller scale than in the South

Women in the north
Women in the North

  • Fewer rights than men

  • If they did work their wages were given to their husband or father

  • Could not buy or sell property

  • Puritan society was partiachal

Salem witch trial
Salem Witch Trial

  • 1692 two puritan girls accuse several women in their small town of practicing witchcraft.

  • When accused by the girls some of the women accuse other women leading to fear and paranoia across New England

  • After trials filled with false evidence 18 women and 1 man are hung. (150 imprisoned)

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