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End World Hunger WebQuest. Introduction. Task. Resources. Mel Preston, Lime Kiln Middle School Howard County Public Schools, Maryland. Process . Conclusion. Evaluation . Introduction.

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End World Hunger WebQuest

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End world hunger webquest l.jpg

End World Hunger WebQuest




Mel Preston,

Lime Kiln Middle School

Howard County Public Schools, Maryland




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  • How many times have you said, "I'm starving!" The answer to your problem, however, is probably no farther away than the cafeteria, fast food restaurant, or refrigerator.

  • When you are really starving, when food supplies first start to run out, you suffer from pangs of hunger. However, in a few days the pains will go. After a few days you must rely on your reserves of body fat. Depending upon how much body fat you had when the food ran out, these reserves may last a week or two or three, but in the end they too will be exhausted. The only option left to your body is to use up the energy reserves contained in your muscles.

  • Tragically, for almost 800 million people in poor countries or deprived areas of the world, going hungry is a daily event. In America alone, some 30 million people are undernourished. Fifteen to twenty million people die each year of hunger-related causes, including diseases brought on by lowered resistance due to malnutrition. Three out of every four of these deaths are children. And yet, there is no good reason why anyone in the world should be short of food. Enough food is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person per day worldwide.

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You have recently been assigned to the United Nations World Hunger task Force. Your first job is to:

1.Define true hunger.

2.There are basic types of hunger. What are they and how are they defined?

3. What is malnutrition? Malnutrition is rising in which nine nations?

4. List some diseases of malnutrition, indicate which nutrients cause them, and what signs and symptoms indicate the disease.

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  • With a partner, create a presentation…picture, song, poster, PowerPoint, paragraph, wiki site, poem, etc. to answer the questions on the Task page. Can you describe at least one way you can help to end world hunger?

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The following is a broken down list of the criteria you will use to evaluate one other group’s project.

Answers to the questions on the Task page:

Complete sentences, spelling, and grammar:15%

Knowledge of the subject demonstrated:35%


Creativity in presenting the subject: 5%

Creativity and practicality of the solution : 12%

Level of interaction with the group: 5%

Level of persuasiveness: 11%

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  • As a result of your research, you identified areas of the world at risk of starvation. You may have also discovered that chronic hunger due to poverty is more widespread than acute hunger due to famine. 40,000 children die each day and yet, ending hunger is possible. It is not caused by a shortage of food, but differences in allocating that food.

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