Controls responses to environment
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Controls responses to environment PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Controls responses to environment. Nervous System. Obtain energy from eating other organisms. Consumers. Pathway of energy & what each organism eats. Food Web. What makes sugar in plants. Chloroplasts. Tool used to identify organisms. Dichotomous Key. System that gets rid of waste.

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Controls responses to environment

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Controls responses to environment

Nervous System

Obtain energy from eating other organisms


Pathway of energy & what each organism eats

Food Web

What makes sugar in plants


Tool used to identify organisms

Dichotomous Key

System that gets rid of waste

Excretory System

How do you measure length in metric system

Metric ruler

What are the 2 parts of the scientific name

Genus & Species

Where fossils are found

Sedimentary Rock

Division of cells for reproduction


What holds the slide on the microscope


Use our resources wisely


What is the flow of energy

From producer to consumer to decomposer

CO2 , methane, water

Greenhouse gases

What is diffusion of water into or out of a cell


Where is the oldest layer of rock

At the bottom

Deep well injection, land fills, or incineration

Waste removal methods

Ability to grow back lost appendages


General weather conditions over time


Idea that Earth’s crustal plate move around

Plate Techonics

What in the scientific method is the guessed answer based on research called


Theory – Earth started as one continent


Reproduction by only one parent

Asexual Reproduction

What releases energy in the cells


Breaks down dead organisms


Body changes during life cycle (complete or incomplete)


Metamophic, sedimentary igneous

Types of rocks

When embryos grow outside the mother’s body

External Development

Earth worn away by wind, rain or water


Regulates body functions


When body temperature changes with the environment

Cold Blooded

Stronger genetic characteristics (capital letters)

Dominant Traits

What moves from west to east & high to low pressure

Air masses

Caused by uneven heating of the Earth


Carry inherited info about organisms in DNA


Organisms that make their own food


What part of the cell directs all activities


What is mass measured in


Building blocks of all life


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