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America's Time Line Review 1492 - 1899 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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America's Time Line Review 1492 - 1899. These two brothers were first to fly in 1903. Who were the Wright Brothers?. This war began in 1914. America joined the action in 1917. This war ended in 1918. What was World War I?. Daily Double.

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America's Time Line Review 1492 - 1899

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America's Time Line Review

1492 - 1899

These two brothers were first to fly in 1903

Who were the Wright Brothers?

This war began in 1914. America joined the action in 1917. This war ended in 1918.

What was World War I?

Daily Double

In 1907 this man made cars easier to afford for the average American with the Model T.

Who was Henry Ford?

This revolution which mass produced and modernized America continued through the early 1900s. It filled the air with pollution and overworked the factory worker, which included school aged children.

What was the Industrial Revolution?

They came from Europe and millions continued to arrive in the early 1900s, going back to the final 20 years of the 1800s

Who were immigrants?

Charlie Chaplin’s tramp was the most famous character from this quiet form of entertainment. It became very popular in the 1920s

What weresilent movies?

This was the nickname of the 1920s.

What were theRoaring 20s?

When it crashed in 1929, it put America into the Great Depression

What is the Stock Market(Wall Street)?

Important American President who led the country through the Great Depression

Daily Double

Who wasFranklin Roosevelt?

It began with the collapse or crash of the Stock Market in 1929.

What was the Great Depression?

During World War II women working in the factories at home were known as this

Who Was Rosie the Riveter?


Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the cities devastated by atom bomb in 1945, to end World War II.

What is true?


Daily Double

In 1947, he played baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers to break baseball’s color barrier

Answer 3 – 30

Who wasJackie Robinson?

Question 3 - 40

It began in the late ‘40s and was the name of a non-physical war between Russia and America, or the communists against the free world.

Answer 3 – 40

What was the Cold War

This audio-video technology changed the American family beginning in the late 40s – early 50s.

Answer 3 – 50

What was television?

Question 4 - 10

The name given to arrival of the suburbs in the early 1950s.

Answer 4 – 10

What was

  • Levittown?

Answer 4 – 30

True/FalseThe Mercury 7 was the name of America’s first astronauts as America and Russia began the space race in the late 50s/early 60s

Answer 4 – 30

What is


This movement began a little at a time, but gained momentum in the early 1950s.

What was


Civil Rights Movement?

Daily Double

True/False:The Vietnam War tore apart America in the 1960s

Answer 4 – 30

What is true? Disagreement over the police conflict in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) caused a great unrest in the cities and college campuses throughout America

Question 4 - 50

President Kennedy began it and President Johnson signed it into law

Answer 4 – 50

What is the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Question 5 - 10

American President who resigned from office in 1974, only 10 months after Spiro Agnew, his vice-president did the same.

Who was Richard Nixon?

Answer 5 – 10

Question 5 - 20

It was built in the early 1960s; came down in 1989. It was the symbol of the Cold War.

Answer 5 – 20

What was the Berlin Wall?

Question 5 - 30

True/false:The early 1980s saw the personal computer (PCs) enter the family home

Answer 5 – 30

What is true? Macs, IBM, Apple and Tandy were just a few to lead the way

Question 5 - 40

Daily Double

Communication nickname given to the 20th Century

Answer 5 – 40

What was the Information Age?

Radiocomputer TelevisionCamera

Video CameraPhones DVD


audio equipmentpostersclothing

Question 5 - 50

Along with the election of Barack Obama, this is the most important event of the new millennium

Answer 5 – 50

What was 9/11?

Ground Zero as it appears today

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