Underground railroad adventure theodore foiler
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Underground Railroad Adventure Theodore Foiler PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Underground Railroad Adventure Theodore Foiler. By Dina, Grace, Evan and D.J. You are a slave named Theodore foiler.

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Underground Railroad Adventure Theodore Foiler

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Underground Railroad AdventureTheodore Foiler

By Dina, Grace, Evan and D.J

You are a slave named Theodore foiler

You are in your slave shack in the morning and hear people outside singing songs like “ Follow the Drinking Gourd” and “ The Gospel Trains a Comin” you know that this means that people are going to try and escape at night today. Do you go with them or not?

Yes! I want to get out of here ASAP!

No, too risky!

  • You find a safe house with a lantern. Do you trust it and use it for the night?

  • Or do you keep moving because it’s too risky?

  • Keep moving

  • Or

  • Go in stay the night

  • You get food and meet a station master.

  • Do you escape in the day or night?

  • Day

  • night

  • Like many others blood hounds smell you and eat you.

  • Punishment

    20 spider pushups or plank for min.


You die because you didn’t know where to go.


Hold a plank for 1 min. or do 25 jump squats

You arrive at Annapolis and lose your group. You don’t know where to go, so you just continue forward. After five miles, you get hungry. Do you eat a dead chicken, or do you eat nuts and berries?

The chicken’s already dead, why not have at it? Can’t be that bad.

Nuts and berries sounds safe! Don’t want to take any chances!

You arrive at Richmond, but Laura had to leave. You have to continue on with the rest of your new group.


Slave hunters corner you and decapitate you with a bayonnette.

Your punishment is to do 12 leg killers.


You go through Naticoke River. The wolves lose you and you get away. On your way to Raleigh you spot Laura Haviland, who is an abolitionist and a conductor on the Underground Railroad. You see her leading other slaves. Do you go with her or will she betray you?




You continue on the trail to Concord but you hear slave hunters near you and they are coming closer and closer. You spot a tree and you have a choice to climb it so they won’t see you above or you can just run for it and maybe out run them.

Climb up the tree

Run for it


  • Slaves on the run mostly ate nuts berries and drank fresh stream water.

You get salmonella and die 

Salmonella is a disease that you get when you eat raw chicken.

  • Back

Oh no!

  • Wolves track your scent and eat you.

  • Punishment:

  • 12 leg killers

  • Back

  • Nobody sees you. You’re in Cincinnati. Do you go through the river or forest?

  • River

  • Forest

Slave Hunters see you!


  • Punishment

    You have to do 30 jumping jacks or 15 Spiderman pushups.


You get whipped badly. You are so sore, you are afraid. You can’t try to escape again.



Safe House Predicament

You find a house with a lantern on a pole and you have heard that it means it is a underground railroad stop…Do you trust white people anymore?

Do you go in?

Go in, it looks safe

Too risky, let’s stay out here all night

Escape by yourself

You have the choice to pick up your family from another plantation. Do you go rescue them?

Escape with family

February 13, 1860

  • You died a slave.

  • By the time that you died you’ve had 2 different masters. Your first master sold you to another plantation in Maryland.

  • Back

Do 10 Spiderman pushups

Forest Fire

  • You’re ten miles away from Canada. There is a forest fire occurring. Do you run through the fire, or do you stay where you are?

Stay Run

You make it through, but you get a couple of burns. You find a local store, and wonder if you should buy burn cream with your only money or go on.

I should save this money!

(it’s all I’ve got)

Buy it! (why not?)

  • You die of infection.

  • Punishment:

  • Do 20 Spiderman push ups.

  • Back

Your journey is over 

  • The authorities see you and bring you back to Columbia. You get whipped badly and your toes get cut off. All this hard work for nothing!

Punishment: do 30 squat jumps


Your last choice

  • You have one last choice to make. Do you go to Montpelier, or do you live in the Union with the risk of someone catching you?


Stay here

You Finally Made It! 

  • You finally make it to Canada! It took about one month for you to make it here! Freedom at last, good job! Just to make sure that you are not too comfortable, do 30 pushups!!!


Quick Quiz Time!! Ha Ha!

  • Did we mention there was a quiz?

  • No? Sorry, there is.

Let’s do this!

What do slaves eat?

Nuts and berries

What do slaves use to GUIDE THEM while escaping?


  • Who was the woman that freed hundreds of slaves? (hint: her nickname was “Moses”)

Harriet Tubman

What was the house that gave slaves food and let them sleep?

Safe house

Slaves gave what to their owners?

Slave Labor

Where did most slaves want to go?

Canada or the North Territory

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