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Grants Management Update – All You Need to Know about eGMS, Grant Allocations and More

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Grants Management Update – All You Need to Know about eGMS, Grant Allocations and More - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grants Management Update – All You Need to Know about eGMS, Grant Allocations and More. LEADS Conference July 2006. Department of Education Update on Fiscal Issues. Agenda Education Budget Update eGMS Update Grants Management Update Restart School Operations Displaced Students.

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Grants Management Update – All You Need to Know about eGMS, Grant Allocations and More

LEADS Conference July 2006

department of education update on fiscal issues
Department of Education Update on Fiscal Issues


  • Education Budget Update
  • eGMS Update
  • Grants Management Update
  • Restart School Operations
  • Displaced Students
department of education budget update
Department of Education – Budget Update

FY 06-07 Enrolled Budget

State General Fund - $ 2,712,595,570

Federal - $ 1,359,760,405

Statutory Dedication $ 293,957,265

IAT & Other - $ 92,522,607

Total $ 4,458,835,847

department of education budget update1
Department of Education – Budget Update
  • FY 06-07 Appropriations:
    • State Activities $ 117,756,212
    • Subgrantee Assistance $ 1,510,008,187
    • Recovery School District $ 55,028,575
    • Minimum Foundation Program $ 2,727,225,160
    • NonPublic Assistance $ 29,771,816
    • Special School Districts $ 19,045,897
enrolled budget fy 06 07
Enrolled Budget FY 06-07
  • LA 4 Program - $56.5 million – increase of $3.5 million
  • TANF After School Tutorial - $12 million- increase of $3 million
  • K-3 Reading & Math - $6.5 million – transfer of $4.3 million to K-12 Literacy Pilot Program –comprehensive model for developing reading and literacy at all grade levels
  • Remediation - $11.6 million – decrease of $3.3 million
enrolled budget fy 06 071
Enrolled Budget FY 06-07
  • K-12 Accountability Rewards - $4.7 million
  • GEE 21 Remediation - $2 million
  • Testing - $14.7 million
  • Distinguished Educators - $3.5 million
  • Adult Education - $ 4.3 million – decrease of $800,000
enrolled budget fy 06 072
Enrolled Budget FY 06-07
  • GAYLE/Worldbook Online- $664,000
  • National Certified Teacher Stipends - $4.1 million
  • National School Counselor Stipends - $1.250 million
  • National School Psychologists - $840,000
  • Education Excellence Fund - $14.5 million
federal funding fy 06 07
Federal Funding FY 06-07
  • Title 1 - $283.8 million - $6.1 million increase
    • Allocations reflect special one time 100 percent hold harmless provision.
  • Title II - $64.3 million - $750,000 decrease
  • Special Education – IDEA - $174.5 million - $250,000 decrease
federal funding fy 06 071
Federal Funding FY 06-07
  • Educational Technology State Grants - $5.7 million - $4.7 million decrease - 45% reduction
  • Title V – Innovative - $1.488 million - $1.5 million reduction – 50%
  • Title IV – Safe & Drug Free – 21% reduction
  • McKinney – Vento Homeless - $1.4 million
egms update
eGMS Update
  • Timelines
    • The rollover of unused funds occurred on July 15th upon submittal of the final 2005-2006 Periodic Expenditure Report (PER).
    • All unused funds were added on the amendment line of your 2006-2007 application including any adjustments to the 05/06 allocations for the charter school reserves.
egms update1
eGMS Update
  • Timelines
    • Unsubmitted Application – Any unused funds will rollover and be added to the amendment line. You will need to modify your budget detail and submit your application.
    • Submitted but Unapproved Application – Once your original applicationhas been approved you will need to create an amendment to budget your unused rollover funds.
egms update2
eGMS Update
  • Approved Application – You will need to create an amendment to budget your unused rollover funds and submit your application for approval.
  • All funds including unused rollover funds will continue to be available to you during the entire grant cycle.
egms update3
eGMS Update
  • The FIFO method is being used to draw from the oldest grant dollars first until they are exhausted.
  • The eGMS System tracks the 15% carryover limitation for Title 1.
  • The Department is committed to getting your application approved as soon as possible so you can access your funds.
egms update4
eGMS Update
  • Enhancements
    • Modified Page Identification – Pages that are changed will be identified allowing review process to focus on modified pages - greatly reducing the review time.

For instance: When an application that was returned for changes is re-submitted and only one page was modified, then LDE reviewers will know they only need to review that one page instead of the entire application.

egms update5
eGMS Update
  • Enhancements
    • Streamlining of LDE Workflow - LDE review process is being redesigned to reduce review time. Two complete levels of review will be removed. The first level of review will be multi-level (include a program consultant and supervisor) facilitating a more comprehensive initial review reducing the need for secondary modifications. The net result is review levels will be reduced from five to three reviews at the state level.
egms update6
eGMS Update
  • Enhancements
    • Additional system notifications regarding application status change. Two additional notification email fields will be added to the grant contact page. This will allow the district to place email addresses that they want to receive notification of application status changes in addition to the Superintendent.
egms update7
eGMS Update
  • Enhancements
    • Multiple enhancements to SPW (Strategy Planning Worksheet) pages via the use of pre-populated data elements reducing the need for district research and use of outside data sources. This will result in these pages being completed in less time and with greater accuracy. This will also require less time by LDE reviewers on these pages as well.
functions and responsibilities
Functions and Responsibilities
  • Compute allocations and prepare grant awards
  • Approve applications, budgets, budget revisions, equipment lists and project completion reports
  • Prepare and monitor the annual State Budget Request
  • Maintenance of Effort and Excess Cost
allocation process
Allocation Process
  • Grants Management Budget Unit prepares allocations to be submitted to the BESE Board for approval
  • Formula Allocation
  • Competitive Allocation
  • Competitive Award - Allocation by formula
grant award notification
  • After BESE approval, the grant award notification is prepared, signed by the State Superintendent and mailed to the grant recipient
g rant award notification includes
Grant Award Notification includes:
  • Recipient’s name & address
  • CFDA# and CFDA Project Title

(Federal Funds Only)

  • LDOE Staff Contact – Fiscal and Programmatic
  • Award Information & Period
  • Grant Amount
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Award Determination method
budget preparation
  • Budget Summary - Form SDEB-1
  • Budget Detail - Form SDEB - 1A

LAUGH / Expenditure Categories

tips on budgeting
Tips on Budgeting

The following are guidelines as to what is considered an administrative cost:

  • General administration or coordination of program, including accounting and payroll functions;
  • Salaries and indirect costs associated with performing administrative functions
  • Activities related to eligibility determinations
  • Preparation of program plan, budget and schedules; and
  • Program monitoring
the review process
Application/budget submission

Review by Program/Budget

Corrections made to original forms

Approval granted

Copy of approved application mailed

changes to an approved budget
Changes to an Approved Budget
  • Budget Revision - SDEB -2
  • Budget Revision Narrative - SDEB-2A
  • Final Budget Revision due by June 1 for grants ending June 30
  • Final Budget Revision due by September 1 for grants ending September 30
budget revisions
Budget Revisions
  • A revision is necessary to request budget changes if any of the following conditions occur:
  • The final grant award notification reflects an amount different from the tentative allocation originally budgeted in the application.
  • Additional/supplemental funds are awarded after the original application.
  • An object code exceeds 25% of the amount budgeted.
  • The program objectives change from the approved application.
  • Refer to instructions in the Quick Reference Guide.
carryover budgets
Carryover Budgets
  • The deadline to submit a carryover budget (if applicable) to carry over funds is 60 days after the beginning of the carryover period
  • The deadline is December 1st for any Federal Programs ending September 30th
  • Please do not submit a decrease budget revision without the carryover budget or vice versa. These two items are to be submitted and approved as a set
fy 06 07 indirect cost rates
FY 06-07 Indirect Cost Rates
  • New indirect cost rates are calculated by the Department annually. Please check with your Business Manager to obtain the correct Indirect Cost Rate for FY 2006-07
  • This is very important - some local school systems are still using the wrong indirect cost rate
common mistakes
  • Addition errors
  • Lack of adequate detail information on the Budget Detail
  • Equipment List - Listing of items below $1,000
  • Indirect Cost Calculation (federal funds only)
  • Lack of adequate narratives for increase/decrease budget revisions
common mistakes continued
  • Project Completion Reports (PCRs) not matching total reimbursement from the Department of Education
  • Not using the appropriate program name on budgets, budget revisions, PCRs
to visit our website
To visit our website
  • Go to-
  • Tab to the bottom of page
  • Click on Management/Finance tab
  • Click on Education Finance
  • click on Grants
    • This page contains information on the Grants Management:

Budget Forms

Quick Reference Guide


Hurricane Education Recovery Act – Restart School Operations and Displaced Students

restart school operations
Restart School Operations
  • Louisiana received total of $445.6 million of the $750 million appropriated by Congress
  • First allocation $100 million was made to 18 public school districts/charter schools and 179 nonpublic schools
restart school operations1
Restart School Operations
  • This allocation based on
    • Number of days schools closed used as measure of severity
    • Number of students enrolled in schools on October 1, 2004
    • Per pupil amount
    • Public and nonpublic allocations based on same criteria
restart school operations2
Restart School Operations
  • Second allocation of $132.6 million made to 9 school districts and $14 million to 32 nonpublic schools for schools that will not reopen until the 2006-2007 school year.
  • Third and final allocation will be made according to needs criteria to be determined.
restart school operations3
Restart School Operations
  • Request for Funds must be completed to draw down dollars
  • Nonpublic Schools - The Department will be handling the purchased services (utilities, debris removal, telephones) and the procurement of supplies and equipment for the nonpublic schools.
emergency impact aid for displaced students
Emergency Impact Aid for Displaced Students
  • Provides assistance to local school systems for the cost of educating students enrolled in public and nonpublic schools that were displaced by the hurricanes during the 2005-2006 school year.
  • Funds were distributed according to the number of displaced students on four count dates:
    • October 3, 2005
    • December 1, 2005
    • February 1, 2006
    • April 3, 2006.
emergency impact aid for displaced students1
Emergency Impact Aid for Displaced Students
  • Louisiana has received $212 million for all four quarters
  • Funding amount is $1,095 per regular education student and $1,369 per special education student
  • Congress has approved a supplemental appropriation of $235 million for Displaced Students.
  • More details concerning the supplemental appropriation will be forthcoming as information becomes available.