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All About Me. Jeremiah Zehner Period 3 3/20/09. Heritage. I’m Irish, German, and African-American but, most people think I’m Mexican.(I guess it’s because my nickname is Javier). Family.

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All About Me

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All About Me

Jeremiah Zehner

Period 3



I’m Irish, German, and African-American but, most people think I’m Mexican.(I guess it’s because my nickname is Javier)


  • I don’t know much of my father’s side of the family and all my mother’s side of the family live in Baltimore and North Carolina. I go there for vacation every year. They live near the the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s always nice to visit there.


  • I sometimes play sports, but not lately.(since it’s winter) When I do play, I’ll either play football or basketball and I don’t play for the school, but I did play for Wilkinsburg for one year.

Favorite Foods

  • I don’t have too many favorite foods, but I’ll have to say that my favorite food is anything that is pasta and I’m always up to try new foods.

Favorite Subject

  • I don’t like school too much, but if I had to choose a favorite subject(now) I’ll say that my favorite subject is Biology. I think it’s interesting learning about Genetics, plant life, etc.

Television Shows

  • I don’t watch t.v. too much during the day, but I do watch Adult Swim. So my favorite shows are Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, ATHF. I also watch anime on Adult Swim on Saturdays. So, my favorite anime shows are Bleach, Code Geass, Naruto, Blood+, and Trinity Blood.

    Most of the time I watch…


  • I mostly listen to R&B, Rock, Rap, some Alternative.

  • My favorite bands and artists are Kanye, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Flo Rida, Linkin Park, Slip Knot, Hollywood Undead, and some others


  • I like to watch action, comedy, and horror movies.

  • My favorite movies are Thirteen Ghost, Sandlot, Epic Movie, and Malibu’s Most Wanted.


  • My family and I go to North Carolina every year when school ends for the summer. Sometimes, we’ll stop in Baltimore to visit my aunt. The rest of the family lives in North Carolina.


  • I read a lot, but not too many books I get from a library. When I do go to a library it’s going to be a book written by Steven King or Michael Scott.

  • When I’m not reading one of those two author’s books. I’m reading something online at…


  • That’s all you need to know about me, anything else would be even more personal.

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