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Lukas Rickard. Spaceships and creative tools. Big Spaceship is an agency that nurtures its employees abilities by giving them the freedom think the way each team is allowed to organize themselves must reinforce the creative mentality the agency attempts to maintain. Dogs and video games.

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Lukas Rickard

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Lukas Rickard

Spaceships and creative tools

Big Spaceship is an agency that nurtures its employees abilities by giving them the freedom think the way each team is allowed to organize themselves must reinforce the creative mentality the agency attempts to maintain.

Dogs and video games

Not only can they choose how when and where their team congregates they can use and organize within the assigned table setup, they are even allowed to bring their dogs into work if it suits them or play video games to stimulate creative juices.

We at big spaceship will provide your name with the most creative ad campaign possible

 The way the Big Spaceship promises nothing allows their teams a freedom with their projects which furthers the creativity and motivation by allowing them to have fun with their projects on their own schedule.

Well Here is a bazillion dollars to...

...But we might decide that perfect campaign is interactive flaming pants.

Chobani Champions

 "In order to take advantage of contemporary technology and be relevant to the modern consumer, we took a digital approach to the entire project, affecting analog channels like product packaging and sampling with a more interactive experience."

Cool, lids that come to 3D life with a mobile phone camera!

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    • Augmented reality

    • Mobile app

    • Website

Ring shot

This game was my favorite, you fling a lifesavers gummy as far as you can and each of the gummies have different stats and personalities.

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    • Game mechanics

    • Mobile app

    • Facebook app

HBO voyuer 

This is pretty fun, it's a game where, "you replace binoculars and a window for a mouse and monitor". 

"And if you had been watching our windows here in Brooklyn, you’d have seen us working late into the night to keep a dozen videos and a half-dozen audio tracks streaming in perfect sync."


Flash Development

As I said before, This game is where two completely random things go head-to-head in a battle of epicosity.

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    • Animation 

    • Sound design

The Foundation of Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship was founded in 2000.  They started and continue with 4 disciplines.  They are as follows: strategy, design, technology, and production.  Big Spaceship works with equal fluency.  They ask the questions first, not focusing on tactics or campaigns.  Brand values are business goals, consumer behavior and cultural context are also a part of the motivation.

Big spaceship helps people interact with brands and business along with visual design, messaging content and actual interfacing of a product, application and service.

They also listen to how their work is received and how people react to it, so that they can improve.

By: Evan Barnickol

Clients of Big Spaceship 

Big Spaceship has a large list of clients that range from Microsoft to the New York Times. They have built up their clientele over the ten or so years that they have been in business. According to their website, they currently have 27 clients, ranging from companies such as Starburst and Nike Air to HBO and Alienware. 

By David

For these companies and more, Big Spaceship has done things like web design, brand strategy, social management, platform development, and editorial strategy. They seem to be pretty good and easy to work with on what they do, as they have a few big-name clients. Big Spaceships full list of clients can be found here:

By David 

Awards won by Big Spaceship

Their innovative work has won them many, many awards in quite a few different categories. Their most prized awards are displayed on their website as "Greatest Hits". These awards are as follows:

  • The "Golden Award of Montreux" For their work with Skittles and the "Experience the Rainbow" project.

  • The "Cannes Lions Grand Prix" in 2008 for their HBO Voyeur project.

Griffin Meyer

  • They were the winner of the "Tomorrow Awards" in 2011 for their "What Do You Love?" project for Google.

  • The "Clio Awards" in 2010 for their Healthymagination project with GE.

Griffin Meyer

  • And finally the "FTIC Best in Show" award in 2011 for "The Most Awesome Thing Ever" Project. Which is a project in which users vote which of two items is more awesome in hopes to eventually obtain, quite simply "The Most Awesome Thing Ever"

These are just some of their most prized awards. They have won many, many more awards including the W3, Webby, London International, One Show Interactive, and Favourite Website Awards. 

Griffin Meyer

The Work of Big Spaceship-Jacob Bender

Bigspaceship has done several different kinds of work for many different companies and clients, some of which including an interactive house with people moving on the inside that have a constant schedule, an interactive running game where the player is able to customize the graphics of a nike animation and then save it as a movie, several interactive movie animations for their websites like the da vinci code, and many other pieces of work that show the creativity of Big Spaceship.

Da Vinci Code Project

HBO Voyeur Project

Nike Air Project

Questions & AnswersBy Dillon McCormick

This interview with The New York Times & Michael Lebowitz, founder and C.E.O. of Big Spaceship

Q. Who were some important mentors for you?

A. I haven’t really had a lot of mentors. I’ve had to sort of figure things out for myself, because I’ve had a lot of whatever the opposite of a mentor is. I’ve learned a lot from seeing what didn’t work. There should be a word for that kind of boss — “dismentor” or something. 

Q. So what kind of culture did you want to create when you started your company?  

A. Probably the biggest lesson I learned as we started to grow was — and this is a more sanitized version of the expression we use — “Don’t hire jerks, no matter how talented.” I became very attuned to this early on, when we were still a small start-up, and you’re doing everything you can to maintain a positive framework. So I’m looking for people I like, because I’ve seen how, no matter how talented they are, the negative is always going to pull down any positive. The second- or third- or fourth-best candidate who isn’t a jerk is going to ultimately provide way more value. Because we learned that early on, we’ve always guarded against that sort of rock-star culture.

Q. What was the dynamic with those kinds of hires?

A. No comment.

A. They say all the right things in interviews, and then they come in and really make people’s lives miserable. You spend at least a third of your life at your job. You should have a place you’re happy to go to every day. And if you’re not making good on that in even the smallest way, it becomes sort of pernicious. It can amplify itself very quickly.

I remember a guy, he really was an incredibly talented designer, one of the best I’ve ever seen, but he was just surly. No matter how good you are, design is always an exercise in balancing what you think is best with someone else’s needs, even arbitrary things. He couldn’t roll with that stuff. He had conviction born of great talent, but he was in the wrong business to have that kind of attitude. He was mostly battling with me, but I think it kind of gave permission for that attitude — almost invited it — for the other designers. They felt resentful that I was paying that much attention to that person rather than just sort of saying, “What are you doing?,” which I should have done.

I was treating him like a rock star, fundamentally. And I’ve done that a number of times since and each time I realize it and I have to put a stop to it because that won’t play in the kind of environment that I want to create. And so you can’t hire the rock star. It really is damaging.

The Technology the people at Big Spaceship use to make the products, by Makenna Benson.

There was very little information on what the big spaceship teams use to make their products.

I think they would use Maya but I do not have any idea on what they used for programming, Maybe C#?

I take no credit in

 the making of 

 this video->.

A summery of what big spaceship is.

The video is bellow is not my work and I take no credit in making it. The following video is from big spaceship and is what i think is the best

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