Older adult system of care conference san francisco ca april 27 28 2006
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Older Adult System of Care Conference San Francisco, CA April 27-28, 2006 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Older Adult System of Care Conference San Francisco, CA April 27-28, 2006. “Older Adults and Their Community: Building Full Service Partnerships”. “Are We Ready for the New Face of Aging?”. The tides of change are upon us.

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Older Adult System of Care Conference San Francisco, CA April 27-28, 2006

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Older Adult System of Care ConferenceSan Francisco, CAApril 27-28, 2006

“Older Adults and Their Community: Building Full Service Partnerships”

“Are We Ready for the New Face of Aging?”

The tides of change are upon us.

“We are seeing the rise of a new civilization that challenges all of our old assumptions. Old ways of thinking, old formulas, old dogmas and ideologies, no matter how cherished or how useful in the past no longer fit the facts. Yesterday’s conventional cubbyhole does not fit the embryonic world of tomorrow. There is room for long range optimism seen though the transitional years immediately ahead are likely to be stormy and crisis ridden.” Toffler

“We are living on one of the hinges of history-one of those transitional periods between the ages, when all of our institutions are shaken, all of our assumptions are challenged and all of our power is loosened. Instability and uncertainty are going to be part of our lives. Our survival may depend on our ability to disconnect from the past and accept change as a way of life. We will be discouraged and anxious and surprised all of our lives, but we will be participators in the emergence and shape of a new age.” John Brantner

“The future is not what it used to be. It arrives more rapidly, it brings more change and it alters our priorities in entirely unexpected ways. Not only will the future change the world in which we live, it will change the way that world can be effectively governed and managed.” Robert Theobold

“The future is avalanching around us, and we are ill equipped to deal with it.”

Lee Kaiser

Longevity is revolutionizing the aging experience into a new Age Span and new Life Stages.

0-29emerging young adult

29-40young adult

40-55 adult

55-75middle age

75-95older adult


The World is Graying!

2020 60+

Japan 23%

Germany 23%

Italy 24%

Spain 21.8%

US 16%

2050 60+

Japan 42%

Germany 35%

Italy 42%

Spain 44%

US 26.9%

Life Expectancy is

Increasing 2 1/2 years/10 yrs


Japan 88 Sweden 84.6

US 82.6 Iceland 83

Hong Kong 84.7

We are tied in destiny across the aging planet. What is a planet of elders?

  • Two thirds of those 65+ who ever lived are here today.

  • The Boomers will add 76 million more.

  • In 2020 CA will have 6.5 million citizens over age 64.

Most current assumptions about aging are wrong.

Preconceivednotions of a typical older person are wrong.

  • 30 year old men live at home with mom

  • 40 year old women are just getting pregnant

  • 55 year old women have egg donor babies

  • 80 year olds run marathons

  • 90 year olds remarry and enjoy sex

  • 100 year olds are on the increase

The Self Image of aging is changing. The new age is the HIPAge.




Both science and life experience will continue to redefine aging

and the life span.

What is active aging? What is the meaning of the third and fourth stage of life?

Power years Regeneration of Self Legacy Years

  • Re-creation of recreation to the awakening of potential

  • Ongoing learning, new adventure and purpose at 60, 70, 80, 90+

  • Preventing illness, maintaining fitness, promoting wellness and independence

Our existing policy, systems and practices, designed to fit the circumstances and customers of the past, now face a pressing new market with vastly different expectations. We have a major cultural lag.

What we know is ahead of what is.

No common understanding of the problem.

No consensus on priorities for solutions.

Three in one Paradox:

the most cognitively impaired,

most wealthy,

most wise generation.

We hold conflicting ideas on how to address the challenges.

Therapeutic approach

Technological approach

Power redistribution approach

Equity and capacity building approach

We need to leverage multiple approaches, BUT in new and better ways.

Current societal responses are doomed to failure.

Denial, fear of aging

Obsession with youth

Budget driven short-term policy

Cost shifts/phantom cost savings

Rampant ageism

Mythology of retirement

Generational divisions

Small scope advocacy

Medical model high tech interventions

Empty long term care policy

Death taboos

Turfs, Silos, Egos

A huge untapped resource pool

is waiting to be unleashed.

No model exists to measure the value of what can be accomplished by this grand population in work, arts, community building, teaching, politics, justice and civil rights, environmental reservation, child care, leisure, travel and creative reflection.

The Possibilities are filled with Potential.

WHEEWorld Helping Elders Evolve

GUIDEGrannies Undoing International Destruction of the Environment

GOLDGrandparents Offering Learning and Development

GRRRGrandparents Ranting and Raving for Reforms

SEEDSSeniors Eradicating the Effects on Diseases

The retired will work again, and are working now!

“Bridge employment”“Customized work” “Intergenerational work force”

Survey of Boomers 65+ (“The Revolving Retired”)

17% will not work for pay

6% will work full time

13% will own a business

16% will work part time

42% will cycle work, leisure, and study

6% do not know

Leaders with a high comfort level with change and talent for creativity are needed to define a new vision and open up new pathways.

LEADERS who can:

Live as a Legacy

Energize and Elevate

Assemble to Acquire

Develop and Demand

Educate and Evolve

Redesign and Redeploy

Stabilize and Shake up

How do we move forward?

“Chaordic” Leadership (nobody in charge)

50% management of self

25% management of superiors

15% management of peers

10% hiring and training others to do the same


Creativity beyond innovation. A Hyper-Creative leader asks the question “How can I maximize the creativity of this organization all of the time?”

Why should We Bother?

Most opportune time crisis as a tool for change

Most exciting possibilities untapped potential awaits

Most promising impact huge numbers exist

Most professionally anchored value/philosophy based

Most morally compelling safety net required

Most consequential avoid cost of not acting

Do we have the resolve to stand with Boundless Faith?

Do we have the willingness to change with Boundless Compassion for self/others?

Do we accept the mandate for Innovation or Deprivation?

Do we commit to Advocacy for Posterity?

New Age

I call upon the real leaders,

the pioneers,

the agents of change,

the champions of aging,

to step forward to participate,

in the emergence and shape of a new age.

Lu Molberg, Director

Riverside County Office on Aging

[email protected]


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