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THIS. IS. College Information. Team #1. Team #2. Meet the Teams. Jeopardy. College Test Requirements. Financial Aid. Entrance Requirements. College Misc. College Terminology. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400.

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College Information

Team #1

Team #2

Meet the Teams...


College Test Requirements

Financial Aid

Entrance Requirements

College Misc.

College Terminology


























College Test Requirements 100 Points

Test that must be taken for college entrance

What is the ACT or SAT?

College Test Requirements 200 Points

You can start taking the ACT or SAT at this age

What are no age guidelines?

College Test Requirements 300 Points

A score of 36

What is the top score on the ACT?

College Test Requirements400 Points

A score of 2400

What is the top score for the SAT?

College Test Requirements500 Points

Universities can choose to give these tests that are comparable to the ACT/SAT

What are residual tests?

Financial Aid100 Points

This form is an important financial aid tool

What is FAFSA?

Financial Aid200 Points

Money set aside by a group or foundation as a grant in aid to students

What is a scholarship?

Financial Aid300 Points

When applied for and approved, this money does not have to be repaid

What is a grant?

Financial Aid400 Points

This is the most common grant awarded to students

What is a PELL grant?

Financial Aid500 Points

The information you receive after you apply for a grant from FAFSA

What is an SAR (Student Aid Report)?

Entrance Requirements100 Points

Entrance requirements to a two-year college

What are no minimum requirements?

Entrance Requirements200 Points

Entrance requirements for a regional university

What is minimum 20 ACT or 940 SAT, minimum GPA of 2.7, and class rank in the top 50%?

Entrance Requirements300 Points

Entrance requirements to a comprehensive university

What is 23-24 ACT or 1060-1090 SAT, minimum high school GPA of 3.0, and class rank in the top 33%?

Entrance Requirements400 Points

These are charges that cover costs not associated with the student’s course load (such as parking, athletic activities, and special events)

What are fees?

Entrance Requirements500 Points

15 required high school credits needed for entrance to college

What are 4 English, 2 lab science, 3 mathematics, 2 history, 1 citizenship skills, and 3 core electives?

College Misc.100 Points

A week for college freshmen to become acquainted with other freshmen

What is a college freshmen camp (Rookie Bridge Camp)?

College Misc.200 Points

Classes that are more expensive for students who do not score 19 or above in each ACT sub area and in which no credit is given

What are zero level or remedial classes?

College Misc.300 Points

The acronym SSS

What is Student Support Services?

College Misc.400 Points

These programs allow students to work part time on campus as part of their financial aid package

What are work study programs?

College Misc.500 Points

These kinds of colleges offer doctoral and research programs

What are comprehensive universities?

College Terminology100 Points

This happens when students take out federal student loans to help pay for college but do not repay them properly

What is default?

College Terminology200 Points

Course(s) that must be completed before taking another course

What is a pre-requisite?

College Terminology300 Points

A week when students pledge in hopes of becoming a member of a sorority or fraternity

What is Greek week?

College Terminology400 Points

The acronym ROTC

What is Reserve Officers Training Corps?

College Terminology500 Points

Extracurricular athletic activities that are open to all students

What are intramurals?

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