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The. Cry. of. the. Icemark. By: Stuart Hill. Plot.

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By: Stuart Hill


In the beginning of the story, Thirrin Freer Strong-In-The-Arm Lindshield, princess of the Icemark is attacked by a werewolf. Luckily, the creature lets her go and eventually becomes her ally. Later, her father, the king, is killed and battle leaving 13 year old Thirrin to run the country alone. With the Polypontain Empire threatening to attack, there is a lot of pressure.

Thirrin realizes that she needs more allies if she is to beat the Polypontain Army. She soon is allied with the Holly king, the Oak king, the vampire king and queen, and the mighty snow leopards of the north. Also, a young 15 year old warlock named Oskan. As the cold Icemark winter comes to a close, the tiny country prepares for war against the strongest enemy they have ever known.

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Snow Leopard

  • Stuart Hill is a Fantasy writer who often writes children's books. Besides The Cry of the Icemark, He has written Blade of Fire, Blood Orchard, and Cold Paradise. Before becoming a writer, Stuart Hill was a teacher. Some things said about his books are:

  • Mature, lyrical, and breathtaking.

  • Stories of destiny and personal discovery.

  • Storytelling at its best: real, relevant, and riveting.

Five Stars books. Besides

I would definitely recommend this book!!!