E commerce mobile computing
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E-COMMERCE & MOBILE COMPUTING. On Technicals… . Considerations for evaluating platform Ecommerce Applications Development Process Integration Options Middlewares Re- platforming Mistakes. Considerations for evaluating platform. Scalability Product Catalog Business User Control Search

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E commerce mobile computing


On technicals

On Technicals…

  • Considerations for evaluating platform

  • Ecommerce Applications Development Process

  • Integration Options

  • Middlewares

  • Re-platforming Mistakes

Considerations for evaluating platform

Considerations for evaluating platform

  • Scalability

  • Product Catalog

  • Business User Control

  • Search

  • Agility

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Standards

  • Integration

  • Interoperability

  • Synergy

E commerce application development process

E-commerce Application Development Process

Integration options

Integration Options



  • Encompasses various technologies and product that facilitate the availability of backend resources for the front end applications. This includes software that triggers backend applications to achieve end-to-end automation of business processes.

  • Some of various products encompasses by middlewares

    - access gateways

    - database interfaces

E commerce mobile computing

- network and communication interfaces

- application interfaces that facilitate interoperability between distributed application

- network/application services

- computer telephony integration

- middle tier business logic such as EJB

- application execution services such as those that support large number of users, fault tolerance, work balancing, session and statement management etc.

Re platforming


10 mistakes

10 mistakes

  • Misunderstanding the new reality of ecommerce. Integrate of perish

  • Focusing on a channel at the expense of core goals. Don’t neglect your basic ecommerce infrastructure

  • Not prioritizing the goals collectively and objectively. There can only be one list of objectives .

  • Trying to do everything at once. Phase your project wisely.

  • Underestimating the impact of changes. Study every facet of your existing platform.

E commerce mobile computing

  • Overlooking scalability . More complexity means more metrics .

  • Not documenting your ecosystem assessment. Write it all down.

  • Attempting to predict all future requirements. Stay agile and concentrate on actionable requirements .

  • Delegating the entire project to any one department. Keep everyone involved

  • Not establishing cross-functional program management. Establish focused, independent project management.

Types of mobile enterprise application

Types of mobile enterprise application

  • Dashboards

  • Reporting

  • Collaboration

  • Workflows

  • Access to information from outside enterprise

Mobile architecture options

Mobile architecture options

  • Native

  • Web

  • Hybrid

  • Embedded web

Sdk s framework

SDK’s Framework

  • Native: Objective C, Java, C#, cross platform

  • Web: HTML5, CSS3, JS

  • Hybrid: Objective C, Java, C#

  • Embedded web: Objective C, Java, C#, HTML5, CSS3, cross platform

Mobile middleware

Mobile Middleware

  • As most enterprise applications don’t have a direct way of working with devices, mobile middleware (as it will be called in this article) plays a crucial role. Some of the important features of this tier include security, data synchronization, device management, and the necessary support for multiple devices.

Challenges faces by cio cto in mobile ea

Challenges faces by CIO/CTO in Mobile EA

Architecture of mobile enterprise

Architecture of Mobile Enterprise

Web based mobile architecture

Web Based Mobile Architecture

Cloud based mobility

Cloud Based Mobility

Technology stack mobile enterprises

Technology Stack Mobile Enterprises

Ea mobility maturity model

EA Mobility Maturity Model



Benefits of mobile enabling enterprises

Benefits of Mobile Enabling Enterprises

Enterprise mobility future trends

Enterprise Mobility Future Trends


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