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Qualitia Debugger for Test Automation

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Qualitia Debugger for Test Automation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best practices for using Qualitia Debugger for Test Automation

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Best Practices for using

Qualitia– DEBUGGER

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“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.”

- EdsgerDijkstra

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Welcome to the first of a monthly series of Qualitia“Best Practice”guides. Here we will examine is slightly greater detail specific features and scenarios that can help you get even more value out of Qualitia. This time the focus is on the all new Debugger in our latest version.

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After launching the debugger use the shortcut keys to debug your test case - press F5 to execute your test case. The debugger will only pause when it reaches a breakpoint or if the test case execution has completed

  • Press F6 to step through every step of your test case
  • Set a breakpoint on a step you wish to debug. You do not need to step through each step of the test case to reach the step you want to debug. Just put a breakpoint on the desired step and Press F5 for debugger to start debugging, the debugger will automatically pause when it reaches the step with breakpoint

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At any point during execution you can press Ctrl + F4 to stop the debugging process. Debugger view will remain open till the window is closed

  • To highlight a step in the test case press Ctrl + G to open the Goto line dialog in debugger view and enter the line number
  • To keep the debugger window on top check the "Debugger on top" box. This will keep the debugger window on top of all the other windows on your system

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You can modify a step which is under execution by double clicking on it. You can modify the step\'s parameter\'s data and object locator information

  • To add/remove Breakpoint at any step click on the line number in the test case
  • To view debugger\'s last execution log and details click on the "LOG" button in test case development view

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We hope you find this information useful. If there is a specific feature that you would like to know more about then do write back to us at

and we will make sure to include mention in our next edition. On to quicker quality with Qualitia!

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