Opportunities in Global Emerging Markets
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Opportunities in Global Emerging Markets Charlemagne Capital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opportunities in Global Emerging Markets Charlemagne Capital. Julian Mayo, Director of Investments February 24, 2005. Global Emerging Markets Fund. Inception Date: February 24, 2005

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Opportunities in Global Emerging Markets

Charlemagne Capital

Julian Mayo, Director of Investments

February 24, 2005

Global emerging markets fund
Global Emerging Markets Fund

  • Inception Date: February 24, 2005

  • Investment Objective: The fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in global emerging markets.

  • General Account: $5,000 minimum

  • IRA Account: No Minimum

  • Business Account: $5,000 minimum

  • Trust Account: $5,000 minimum

  • UGMA/UTMA: $1,000 minimum

  • ABC Investment Plan: $1,000 minimum w/$100 minimum per month

  • Expense Ratio: Capped at 2.0%

The Subadviser

Charlemagne Capital

The subadviser charlemagne capital
The Subadviser: Charlemagne Capital

  • Independent emerging markets investment management group

  • Entrepreneurial, with significant institutional backing

  • Funds under management approx. $2.0 billion*

  • Strong debt-free balance sheet

  • Subadviser to US Global Investors Accolade Eastern Europe Fund (ticker: EUROX) – “12-month winner”, Wall Street Journal Best Performing Mutual Fund, as well as the US Global Investors Global Emerging Markets Fund

    *as at 31 Dec 2004

The subadviser charlemagne capital1


The Subadviser : Charlemagne Capital

Assets under management US$ m

Dynamic growth: all in emerging markets

Source: Charlemagne Capital

Charlemagne Capital

Institutional mandates

$ 1019m

Private equity

$ 217m

Hedge funds

$ 154m

Long only funds

$ 626m

Segregated accounts

OCCO range

Magna range / Offshore funds

Private equity portfolios

The Subadviser : Charlemagne Capital

Diversified institutional client base

The Subadviser : Charlemagne Capital

Investment team

  • High quality, dedicated professionals

  • Significant emerging market experience

  • Alignment of interest with investors

  • Blue chip, institutional backgrounds

  • Strong internal performance driven culture

Investment Process

Exploit inefficiencies in emerging markets

via a disciplined bottom-up process

focused, low risk portfolios

consistent returns

low volatility



The goal

Investing in Emerging Markets

  • The Investment Process: How we invest in emerging markets

  • The Investment Case: Global emerging markets

    Did you know:

    Over 80% of people in the world live in emerging markets!

    Only 10% of Indians have even seen a telephone!

OCCO Eastern European Fund

Investment Process

Clear Ownership Structure - Cover (4 Eyes Principle)

Julian Mayo



20 years experience

Stefan Böttcher

Lead Manager

17 years experience

Andrew Wiles



10 years experience

Stefan Herz

Head of Research

EMEA / Latam

13 years experience

Yvonne Yeoh



10 years experience

Samir Patel



9 years experience

James Hanson

Risk Manager

11 years experience

Emerging Markets Universe

  • Listed companies

  • 80% of market cap

  • Best opportunities

  • Special situation

Charlemagne Capital Universe

  • Detailed analysis

  • Quarterly management meetings

  • Propriety database

Focus Stock List

  • Risk management

Macro Overlay

  • Low volatility

  • High tracking error


Investment Process

Structured, consistent process

Investment Process: Qualitative Checklist

Checklist What it means

Focus stock list

Disciplined bottom-up research

Investment Process: Company Research

Focus stock list: Detailed corporate database

Valuation analysis

Rigorous stock analysis

Investment process valuation analysis
Investment Process: Valuation Analysis

Price target

Price-driven valuation analysis

Investment process
Investment Process

Risk: Significant valuation shift


Macroeconomic risk overlay

Private Equity

Local Offices



Local Contacts

Special situations qualitative screening by fund managers

Company visit by fund manager

Risk adjusted return target


(Max. 25% of NAV)

Investment Process: Special Situations

Delivering alpha

Investment Process - Portfolio Construction

  • Country, sector and cash limits determined by a maximum tracking error of 15%

  • Special situations + illiquid stocks maximum 25% of NAV

  • Stock positions:

    • Core: 3%

    • Max: 9%

    • Min: 1%

  • Large positions: indication of conviction

Focused, concentrated portfolios managed within risk limits

Investment Process

Risk management

  • Administrative risk

    • Markets must meet criteria such as security of ownership, currency convertibility, custody, taxation, liquidity

  • Market risk

    • ‘Four-eyes’ principle – each decision is seconded

    • Constant price screening by dedicated dealer

    • Weekly stock/sector review meetings

    • Monthly macroeconomic reviews

    • Quarterly company visits

  • Portfolio risk

    • Informed management of risk

Investment Process

Sell discipline

  • Sell triggers:

    • Price change

    • Change of fundamental assessment

    • Superior alternative investment opportunity

    • Instant implementation

Investment Process: Best Team Ideas

The strategy: example OTP

Hungary Gross Loans/ GDP 2002

  • OTP: well placed for convergence

  • Banking sector penetration will increase towards EU levels as interest rates decline

  • OTP is the market leader in all products

  • Expect a further $2bn in mortgage loans to be added over the next couple of years

OTP: Market Share (2003)

Source: Charlemagne Capital / Brunswick UBS Warburg / Merrill Lynch OTP / IMF

Investment Process: Best Team Ideas

The strategy: example Dongkuk Steel

  • Korean steel mill, dominant domestic steel plate producer

  • Strong core product demand from shipbuilding and construction

  • Management addressing corporate governance discount

  • Stock trading at 3x2004 earnings, 5% dividend yield

Korean Shipbuilding Backlog



3 ½ yrs backlog




m tonnes












Source: Charlemagne Capital

Investment Process: Best Team Ideas

The strategy: example URBI

  • Leading Mexican home builder

  • Large and growing housing deficit in Mexico

  • Management enhancing margins through better working capital and better revenue mix

  • Strong cash flow generation due to low capex

  • Valuations justified by its better growth prospects

Source: Charlemagne Capital

Investment Process

  • Summary

  • Fundamental bottom-up approach

  • Lean decision making

  • Disciplined portfolio construction

  • Rigid sell discipline

  • Informed risk management

Investment Case

Global Emerging Markets

  • Politics: better economic management

  • Economics

  • Valuations

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

International reserves now exceed external debt

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

Exchange rates seem undervalued

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

GEMs vs Developed mkt cap weighted sovereign yields

Spreads narrowed but still room to fall

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

High GDP Growth

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

Current account + FDI: surpluses across the board

Sound fundamentals

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

GEMs vs global 12 month forward consensus P/Es
























MSCI EMF 12 month forward P/E

MSCI World 12 month forward P/E

Cheap relative to world

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

GEMs: Earnings yield gap

Equities more attractive than bonds

Source: Charlemagne

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

GEMs vs Developed P/BV

Equities look cheap on price to book

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

Standard deviation of country vs sector

Country and sector volatility falls – stock selection counts!

Source: UBS

Investment Case: Global Emerging Markets

Stock selection matters – yearly performance 2003



* Top and bottom performance out of largest 25 GEMs stocks by market capitalisation

Model Portfolio

Global Emerging Markets

Model Portfolio

Geographic allocation

Actively managed portfolios

Source: Charlemagne Capital / Bloomberg – 31 Dec 2004

Model Portfolio

Geographic allocation

Actively managed portfolios

Source: Charlemagne Capital / Bloomberg – 31 Dec 2004

Model Portfolio

Sector allocation



Actively managed portfolios

Source: Charlemagne Capital / MSCI – 31 Dec 04

Model Portfolio

Sector allocation



Actively managed portfolios

Source: Charlemagne Capital / MSCI – 31 Dec 04

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For more complete information about the

Global Emerging Markets Fund and/or Eastern European Fund (EUROX)

or any U.S. Global fund, obtain a prospectus by visiting us at www.usfunds.comor call 1-800-US-FUNDS. Please consider carefully the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, andread the prospectus carefully before investing. Distributed by U.S. Global Brokerage, Inc.

Foreign and emerging market investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation and less public disclosure, as well as economic and political risk. This article should not be considered a recommendation for the securities of any company mentioned.

Holdings as a percentage of net assets as of 12/31/04:

Eastern European Fund: OTP Bank Rt. (8.34%)

Although mentioned none of the following companies are held in the Eastern European Fund as of 12/31/04: America Movil, Dongkuk Steel, Kookmin Bank, Petrochina, Petrobras, Posco, Reliance, Sasol, SK Telecom, Telefonos Mexico, URBI and Yukos.

The MSCI EM Free Total Net Return Index measures the market performance, including price performance and income from dividend payments.

The disclaimer
The Disclaimer

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