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Jeopardy. Physical Changes. ????????. Matter. Elements. Mixtures. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500.

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Physical Changes





Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Final Jeopardy

$100 Question from H1

What does matter take up?

$100 Answer from H1


$200 Question from H1

What are the 3 states of matter?

$200 Answer from H1

Solid, liquid, gas

$300 Question from H1

What is the smallest possible particle of an element called?

$300 Answer from H1


$400 Question from H1

Energy, paper, light or sound…

Which one(s) is/are matter?

$400 Answer from H1


$500 Question from H1

What are two or more atoms

Joined together called?

$500 Answer from H1

A Molecule

$100 Question from H2

A substance that is made up of

One kind of element is called…?

$100 Answer from H2

An element

$200 Question from H2

If gold is malleable, what does that mean?

$200 Answer from H2

It can be shaped and formed

with the right amount of heat

$300 Question from H2

Name two characteristics of

a noble gas?

$300 Answer from H2

Odorless, colorless, not a metal or


$400 Question from H2

Name 3 characteristics of a metal?

$400 Answer from H2

Shiny, malleable, ductile,

can conduct electricity

$500 Question from H2

Name 3 characteristics of

a non-metal?

$500 Answer from H2

Dull, brittle, cannot conduct


$100 Question from H3

When a physical change occurs

that matter changes from one

state to another is called?

$100 Answer from H3

Change of state

$200 Question from H3

In a Kool Aid mixture, is the

POWDER considered the solvent,

solute or solution?

$200 Answer from H3


$300 Question from H3

Name three forms of water

$300 Answer from H3

Water, ice, water vapor

$400 Question from H3

Between a solid, liquid and a

gas, which state has particles that move quickly and slide past each

other easily?

$400 Answer from H3

A liquid

$500 Question from H3

Name 4 examples of physical changes?

$500 Answer from H3

Sawing, cutting, boiling, melting,


$100 Question from H4

What is the definition of a mixture?

$100 Answer from H4

A combination of two or more

different substances

$200 Question from H4

True or False:

You cannot separate a mixture

$200 Answer from H4


$300 Question from H4

True or False: Most materials

found in nature are mixtures

$300 Answer from H4


$400 Question from H4

Name two examples of

a mixture of solids?

$400 Answer from H4

Dirt, salad

$500 Question from H4

Name three examples of a

mixture of liquids?

$500 Answer from H4

Lemonade, chocolate milk,

salt water

$100 Question from H5

Where would you most likely

find a delta? In a deep valley or

near a river’s mouth?

$100 Answer from H5

Near a river’s mouth

$200 Question from H5

Which of Earth’s layers contain

soft areas on which plates float?

Mantle, crust or outer core?

$200 Answer from H5


$300 Question from H5

Which is a cause of earthquakes and

volcanic eruptions? Weathering,

cinder cones, outer core or plate


$300 Answer from H5

Plate movement

$400 Question from H5

During mitosis, which part of the

cell pinches to make a new cell?

Cell membrane, cytoplasm, cell wall

or nucleus?

$400 Answer from H5

Cell membrane

$500 Question from H5

Which hand you write with is

an example of what type of


$500 Answer from H5


Final Jeopardy

What are the four changes of state?

Final Jeopardy Answer

Melting, freezing,

condensing and boiling

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