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Путешествие в «Страну английского языка» PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Путешествие в «Страну английского языка». Prezentacii.com. We are going to travel to English. Good voyage!. Station « Musical ». Station « Phonetics ». [f a i v] [m i l k] [s t a :] [n e i m] [k w i: n ] [p l e i]

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Путешествие в «Страну английского языка»

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Путешествие в «Страну английского языка»


We are going to travel to English.Good voyage!

Station «Musical»

Station «Phonetics»

[f a i v] [m i l k]

[s t a :] [n e i m]

[k w i: n ] [p l e i]

[p l e i t] [b o k s]

[b o : l] [k a :]

Station «Reading»

Ship, egg, bus, book, queen, star, horse, name, sit, yes, cook, park, port, cake, stone, little, bench, jump, good, sheep, farm, floor, plate, nose, big, bell, sun, wood, lake, fish, pen, tulip, pupil, that, these, moon, bird, king, day, boy.

Station «Grammatical»

I ______ a pupil.

You ______ from England.

My dad ______ is tall and strong.

My mum _______ very good.

This dog _______ fat.

We __________ big.

Station «Riddles»

The teachers writes Higher than a house,

On me with chalk, Higher than a tree,

My face is black, What can that be?

I cannot talk,

What am I?

Has no legs, What has four legs

But just for fun But is not an animal?

It is always

On the run.

I can tell the time. I am white,

What am I? I am good to drink.

What am I?

Station «Dialogue»

Station «Crossword»

Station «Poetical»

Welcome in England!!!

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