Hydroelectric power
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Hydroelectric Power. Kelsey Perkins Environmental Science. What is Hydroelectricity?. Well to start off, break down the word hydro-meaning water It’s the world trying to use the water for means of power

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Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric Power

Kelsey Perkins

Environmental Science

What is hydroelectricity
What is Hydroelectricity?

  • Well to start off, break down the word hydro-meaning water

  • It’s the world trying to use the water for means of power

  • Some of the power plants have converted over to use the water, instead of using traditional fossil fuels.

What kind of places use it
What kind of places use it?

  • The Hoover Dam would be the most famous of all the hydroelectric plants in the United States

  • Basically it runs Las Vegas, and most of the California regions, such as Los Angeles

What are the advantages
What are the advantages?

  • To start off, it does NOT use fuels. That will save some of the environment

  • That means no air pollution, because your using just water

  • They tend to out live regular fuel factories

  • It prevents floods

  • Help in the farming area, by regulating the water that is used

Some disadvantages
Some disadvantages?

  • It has lead to the disruption of the fish in the area where they would build something like a dam

  • And it requires way to much space, they would have to widen a river sometimes, or cut down a lot of trees

  • Not only would the fish just be effected, but the wildlife that would feed on the fish would suffer


  • Hydroelectric Power was first used in Ancient Egypt. They used flowing water to make a machine work and grind their crops.

  • The first form of hydroelectric power, was found as a clock 