The power of reading
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The Power of Reading. A well-developed reading program is essential. A reading program is crucial. Research shows greater gains in vocabulary, spelling, writing, and grammar from reading than from direct instruction in those skills. The Power of Reading.

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The Power of Reading

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The Power of Reading

A well-developed reading program is essential. A reading program is crucial.

Research shows greater gains in vocabulary, spelling, writing, and grammar from reading than from direct instruction in those skills

The Power of Reading

Most current TPR Storytelling materials are written for such a schedule: every lesson has two readings that emphasize the structures of the preceding day, while extending vocabulary and developing expanded grammatical competence.

Reading Activities

Reading a novel promotes fluent reading skills. Fluent reading means without dictionaries. Our students will not start out as fluent readers; they must be guided.

Reading for 2nd Language Learners is important because it enhance the structures and vocabulary, and develop the mind .

The Power of Reading

TPR Storytelling Reading

Reading Novels or Readers

Independent (homework) reading

Free Reading

Free Reading

Of all the topics in this article, Free Reading is the single most-researched activity and the most effective! Free reading is the activity that has been proven to teach vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and style better than teachers do.

Reading Activities

Kindergarten day. Teacher reads a children’s book to the class.

Free Voluntary Reading. Students select their own reading material from the classroom library.

All-class translation (TPRS reading). Everyone reads. the same material. Students translate (individually or as a group.) Students need to know at least 75% of the vocabulary for this activity to be successful.

Reading Activities

Homework reading. Once they know 90 to 95% of the vocabulary, students can read a chapter as homework. Reading is the best use of homework time for levels 3 and above. You may choose to assess with a quick quiz.

The Power of Reading

In addition to pop-up grammar and vocabulary, discuss the reading in the target language. Personalize the discussion by connecting the events and characters to your students

Daily Activities

Taking role

Warm up activities- Reading


3-6 Structures/Vocabulary Introduction


Review Activities

TPRS- Mini-stories

Chinese characters


Classroom management

The importance of student-teacher relationship.

How to teach so that “discipline” is not necessary.

Use of eye contact, personalization, and proximity.

The barometer, the super-star and the “sparkler”.

Classroom management

• Principle rather than rules.

• Punishment results in a withdrawal from the Love Bank.

• Know what constitutes a “deposit” for different students.

• Discipline precedes instruction.

• Negativity is poison.

Classroom management

A sour relationship CAN be repaired.

• You cannot control another person’s behavior.

• You see what you look for.

• Whatever you pay attention to will increase in both quality and quantity.

• Catch them being good.

Classroom management

Most misbehavior stems from a feeling of insecurity or distrust. Students are not perverse; they are simply trying to defend their sense of self-esteem.

Classroom management

Change partners every month. Partners are responsible for each other. The job of every

student is to help her partner get an “A.” When doing partner retells, the “teacher” job is

the important one. When a student performs well, praise the partner!

Magic Words and Phrases

What would you like to happen?

Would you like my thinking on that?

Is it possible that … ?

How do you feel about … ?

Is there any chance that … ?

How do you suppose that might work out?

What do you think I think?

On a scale of 1 – 10, How good a decision do you think that is?

Would you like to hear what others have tried?

Tools for Teaching

Set yourself up for success with room arrangement.

Establish procedures.

Discipline precedes instruction!!

Mean business.

Handling disruption: Calm is strength, Take a deep breath. Speed kills. The turn.

Advanced TPR Storytelling

Questioning adjustments for upper levels

Using the barometer student to improve instruction

Teach to the eyes

How pauses and pacing affect student performance


Powerpoint Technic

How to link?

How to edit pictures?


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