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Television. Collective Identity. Objectives: Understand how hegemony can be applied to TV and youth culture/collective ID. Television industry becoming increasingly linked to other media industries via convergence and integration

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Collective Identity


Television industry becoming increasingly linked to other media industries via convergence and integration

  • Split between commercial and PSB – does this mean motivations and content differs?
plurality v manipulation
Plurality V Manipulation?
  • Hegemony - the dominance of taken for granted world views that strengthen the position of those already in power (Gramsci)
  • However there are always people contesting these world views - hegemony is a site of constant struggle
plurality v manipulation1
Plurality V Manipulation?
  • Television as impartial window on the world (Stuart Hall) - this makes ideological representations seem objective and natural
  • Television need not be aware that frameworks and classifications...reproduced ideological inventories of society (Hall)

Can you think of any examples of the above?

plurality v manipulation2
Plurality V Manipulation?
  • Wide range of broadcasters and programme types (including platforms) means a wide range of views being expressed
  • This is Pluralism
  • A plurality of views argues against a hegemonic position being taken

What is your opinion?

plurality v manipulation both sides
Plurality V Manipulation?...both sides...
  • Public Service Broadcasts become an ideological tool i.e.ritual and nationhood beginning with Queenies coronation & continuing to sporting events
  • Commercial TV allowed for more diverse representations – C4 aimed at youth, ITV at regional
yay hegemony
Yay Hegemony!

Hegemonic views can engender collective identity via:

  • the process of othering (Said) people get pushed from mainstream but develop closer links within their sub cultures
  • moral panics can label and categorise groups where there was none previously – also broadcasts to the mass
  • You work for either the BBC, Channel 4 or Sky; Create a pitch for a pitch for a new TV programme. You must take into account your channels corporate identity and brand values. Your show needs to be Youth related.
  • As the others are pitching, you must decide whether their show represents a hegemonic or pluralist view, this is based on content, characters, themes, locations etc
  • The show deemed most plural will be purchased (not money but sweets!)