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Ships. Famous Ships, Lingo, and how the parts work. The Phoenicians and Thor Heyerdahl. The Turtle. Was part of the first battle between ironclad ships Was sunk, now part of a marine sanctuary. USS Monitor. USS Nautilus and Enterprise. Sailed on by Charles Darwin. HMS Beagle.

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Famous Ships, Lingo, and how the parts work

The phoenicians and thor heyerdahl
The Phoenicians and Thor Heyerdahl

Uss monitor

USS Monitor

Hms beagle

HMS Beagle

Glomar challenger

Glomar Challenger

Glomar explorer

Glomar Explorer

  • Used by later used Fridtjof Nansen and later by Roald Amundsen

  • Built to survive the crushing pressure of the ice by “floating” to the top of the ice


Submarines later used

Turtle later used


How a submarine works
How a submarine later used works

Parts of a ship
Parts of a Ship later used

Ships vs boats

  • Ships are later used capable of carrying more cargo

  • Ships are equipped for long voyages

  • Ships are normally manned by a crew

  • Submarines are classified as boats, because early submarines could be hoisted on board a ship

  • Boats are normally easier to maneuver than ships

  • Some boats are not equipped to run well on the open ocean.

  • Boats are normally controlled by one person

Ships vs. Boats

Sailboats later used

Parts of a sailboat
Parts of a later used Sailboat

How a sailboat sails
How a sailboat later used sails

Parts of a ship1
Parts of a later used ship

Running rich vs lean air to fuel ratio

Running Rich vs. Lean- Air to fuel ratio

How an outdoor motor works
How an outdoor motor works salt environment.