Parks and Recreation  Master Plan 2011-2015

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Why Do We Need A Plan. Assists the Township and specifically the Community Recreation Department in identifying recreation needs within the community.Assists in determining the most effective and efficient methods of improving existing facilities and programs as well as providing facilities and pr

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Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2011-2015

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1. Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2011-2015 Current Plan (2006-2010) Expires on December 31, 2010

2. Why Do We Need A Plan Assists the Township and specifically the Community Recreation Department in identifying recreation needs within the community. Assists in determining the most effective and efficient methods of improving existing facilities and programs as well as providing facilities and programs beyond those that currently exist. Qualifies the community for recreation grants which are administered through the MDNR Grants Management Section. 1

3. MDNR Requirements Recreation Planning Guidelines and Checklist Community Description Administrative Structure Recreation Inventory Basis for Action Action Program Public Involvement 2

4. Commission Knows Grosse Ile is a unique island community within the Detroit River. The Township has much to offer residents including high quality neighborhoods and significant natural features. In order to maintain and improve quality of life for its residents, the Township has taken an active role in the delivery of recreation opportunities. 3

5. The Planning Process Allows Community Participation In 1986, a group of residents formed a committee to determine if the community would support a public recreation department. After months of hard work, the community supported a recreation millage by just single digits. Since the first millage and creation of the department, the Recreation Commission has involved the community as a whole in planning process. The community forums and public workshops provide valuable information in meeting the high standards expected by the Township residents. 4

6. Community Description What makes Grosse Ile Special and Unique Grosse Ile Township is a 10.44 square mile island The Detroit River surrounds the Township forming the Trenton Channel and an international border with Canada Grosse Ile is a distinctive island with a rich history Grosse Ile has unique recreational opportunities with the Detroit River being one of the busiest waterways in the world Valuable resources that must be protected and provide environmental, educational and recreational benefits The residents and their passion for this special place 5

7. Community Description Every five years, the commission reviews and discusses the Socioeconomic Characteristic of the community during the planning process: Population Age Gender School Enrollment Persons with Disabilities Income 6

8. Community Description Every five years, the commission reviews and discusses the Physical Characteristics of the community during the planning process: -Existing Land Use -Transportation -Wetlands -Emergent Wetlands -Forested Wetlands -Submersed Aquatic Beds -Woodlands 7

9. Administrative Structure Township Board Community Recreation Commission Recreation Department Staff Department of Public Services Public School District (Major facility provider) 8

10. Administrative Structure Cooperative efforts and partnerships are very important in the administration of public recreational services. The planning process provides regular reviews and discussions about these important relationships -Festival Commission -Planning Commission -Open Space/Greenways Committee -Island Beautification Committee -Grosse Ile Nature and Land Conservancy -Grosse Ile Alliance for the Arts -Grosse Ile Educational Foundation -Grosse Ile Commerce and Airport Committees -GISA & GIYRA -Grosse Ile Garden Club -Herb Society 9

11. Administrative Structure Budget Analysis The Community Recreation Commission is responsible for the oversight of four (4)budget funds: -Recreation Fund -Water’s Edge Fund -Centennial Farm Fund -Festival Commission Fund 10

12. Administrative Structure Other Recreation Related Millages The Community Recreation Commission makes certain other public recreation related funds are documented in the plan. Federal, State and County grants require documentation for eligibility. -Open Space -Open Space Maintenance Millage -Bike Path Maintenance Millage 11

13. Inventory Developing a complete inventory of recreation facilities, programs, and events is an essential component of a five year Recreation Master Plan because it provides a base of information to use in developing the action program. 12

14. Inventory Understanding what facilities, programs and events are available to the residents of Grosse Ile will assist in decision-making in the future. The inventory covers the following listed components: Public Recreation Facilities (Township-Owned) Semi-Public Recreation Facilities Public School Facilities Private Recreation Facilities Regional Parks Township Recreation Programs 13

15. Basis for Action Plan Previous sections of the plan provide valuable insight all aspects of parks and recreation system. This section of the plan evaluates the information to best understand the needs and priorities for park land, recreation facilities, and programs in the community. 14

16. Basis for Action Public Participation Focus Groups Invited community groups to discuss specific topics Public Workshop Following the focus group discussions, an evening public workshop was held in order to collect input from the residents. Public Hearing 15

17. Basis for Action Existing Park Land Analysis The National Recreation and Park Association provides a recommended park classification system. Each park category has its own set of size requirements, service area and functions as follows: How do these standards relate to Grosse Ile? Mini Parks Neighborhood Parks Community Parks 16

18. Basis for Action Facilities Analysis This analysis takes in to account a variety of factors including existing conditions within the Township, information obtained from focus group sessions and public workshop, the character of the community, programming needs and site conditions. 17

19. Basis for Action Facility Analysis (Facilities Continued) Court Sports (basketball, tennis, volleyball, ect.) Athletic Fields Playgrounds Centennial Farm Dog Park Swimming Pool Golf Courses Marinas Bike Path Nature trails Observation/Overlook Decks 18

20. Basis for Action Recreation Programming Each year, the Recreation Department along with other groups offering activities and programs, analyze participation trends for all programs offered. There are a few main components that contribute to the success of recreation programming that should be considered when planning. Please consider the following components: 19

21. Basis for Action Plan Contributing Components New Facility Opportunities: For example, expansion of the bike path system creates new opportunities for longer rides or walks and new nature trails can expand educational opportunities. Diversity of Services: A diverse range of activities, events, programs, and educational experiences for all ages Abilities 20

22. Basis for Action Plan Contributing Components Cooperation and Communication: Greater coordination and collaboration is needed to ensure all programs and facilities thrive. .Example: School/Recreation Partnership. Community-Wide Events: This type of programming highlights the community, facilities and programs. Accessibility: A crucial link to program participation is accessibility. Expanded need for all ages and abilities. 21

23. Basis for Action Other Planning Resources -Centennial Farm Master Plan -Airport Recreation Area Plan -Downriver Linked Greenways -Grosse Ile Schools -Grosse Ile Nature Conservancy 22

24. Action Plan The final portion of the plan is the culmination of a Comprehensive planning effort that began with public involvement and analysis of existing conditions. An assessment of needs based on the evaluation of existing parks, recreation facilities, and programs. 23

25. Action Plan Action Plan Components: Action Plan Framework: Guiding mission statement for the plan and goals Parks and Recreation Guidelines: Detailed guidelines to carry out goals of the plan. Bike Path and Trail Project Recommendations: Overall goals and guidelines of the plan as they relate to bike paths and trails. 24

26. Action Plan Action Plan Components Park-Specific Project Recommendations: Project specific recommendations for parks and facilities. Programming-Specific Project Recommendations: Specific programming recommendations in accordance with the overall goals and guidelines of the plan. Five Year Capital Improvement Plan: The final component of the plan is a five year outline of prioritized projects and their potential funding sources 25

27. Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan The Five Year Plan Capital Improvement Plan incorporates the top priority recommendations that require financial investment from the Township in the next five years. Priorities should be reviewed on an annual basis and adjusted to respond to updated findings and identification of funding opportunities. 26

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