millennium d evelopment g oals
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Millennium D evelopment G oals

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Millennium D evelopment G oals. By Karlene Ormsby. Goal one: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. Australia has addressed these issues by: D onating $464 million dollars to an initiative. Lifting the agricultural productivity. By improving rural livelihoods

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goal one eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
Goal one: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty

Australia has addressed these issues by:

  • Donating $464 million dollars to an initiative.
  • Lifting the agricultural productivity.
  • By improving rural livelihoods
  • Building community resilence.
goal two achieve universal primary education
Goal two: achieve universal primary education

Australia has addressed these issues by:

  • improve the functioning of national education systems to enable more girls and boys to complete primary school and progress to higher levels of education
  • improve the relevance and quality of education, including in vocational and technical education, so students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for life and productive employment.
goal three promote gender equality and empower women
Goal three: promote gender equality and empower women.

Australia has addressed these issues by:

  • By improving the health and wellbeing of
  • In east Timor, many woman and children benefited from better access to drinking water through AusAidsupport.
  • providing policy makers and health workers with a tool to help them respond in a practical way to the many economic, social, legal, political and cultural disadvantages women with HIV/AIDS face.
  • In Fiji, Australian support has helped give women who have been subjected to violence somewhere to go to get help.
goal four reduce child morality
Goal four: reduce child morality
  • supported the work of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital
  • women and children on the outer islands of Kiribati gained better access to health care through a joint Australia, United Nations Population Fund and the European Union assisted program.
  • In Bangladesh, Australia has helped more children to attend school.
  • Improving child nutrition has been an important part of Australia\'s fight against child mortality in the region.
  • Australia has helped deliver successful child vaccination programs in developing countries over the past decade
goal five improve maternal health
Goal five: improve maternal health
  • Australia has supported the training of birth attendants and midwives in the Asia-Pacific region over the past ten years.
  • Programs to improve health services in remote areas have helped give rural women better health support.
goal six combat hiv aids malaria and other diseases
  • targeting major causes of child and maternal mortality and morbidity
  • making a strong contribution in the family planning and reproductive health sector on the basis of a voluntary and non-coercive policy
  • improving HIV prevention and care activities.
goal seven ensure environmental sustainability
  • Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs and reverse the loss of environmental resources