Lesson 15: Consonant and Syllable Patterns

Lesson 15: Consonant and Syllable Patterns PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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attitude. attitude [at t(y)oo d] n. a way of thinking orfeeling; a point of view: Food servers get goodtips when they give restaurant patrons excellentservice and have a friendly attitude. . barrier. barrier [bar r] n. anything that blocks theway, stops movement, or separates: A barr

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Lesson 15: Consonant and Syllable Patterns

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1. Lesson 15: Consonant and Syllable Patterns If a word has a double consonant, the accent often falls on the syllable that goes with the first of the double consonants.

2. attitude at·ti·tude [at´ ·t(y)oo —d´] n. a way of thinking or feeling; a point of view: Food servers get good tips when they give restaurant patrons excellent service and have a friendly attitude.

3. barrier bar·ri·er [bar´ · r] n. anything that blocks the way, stops movement, or separates: A barrier was put up to keep cars away from that street while the traffic signals were being repaired.

4. buffalo buf·fa·lo [buf´ ·l ] n. an animal that is similar to an ox, with a large, round body and curved horns: In many movies about the old West, buffalo roam the plains.

5. cinnamon cin·na·mon [sin´ ·m n] n. an aromatic reddishbrown spice that comes from the bark of a tropical tree: Cinnamon is used as a flavoring in apple pie.

6. corridor cor·ri·dor [kôr´ ·d r] n. a narrow hallway with rooms opening onto it: We are not supposed to run in any corridor at school.

7. gallery gal·ler·y [gal´ r· ] n. 1. a place where works of art are on display: There is an exhibit of photos at the art gallery. 2. an indoor balcony, especially the highest balcony, as in a theater or church: We had seats in the gallery and could barely see the dancers.

8. gorilla go·ril·la [g ·ril´ ] n. a large, powerful ape found in the jungles of central Africa: The gorilla has a broad, heavy chest and shoulders; long arms; and short legs.

9. hurricane hur·ri·cane [hûr´ ·k n´] n. a severe tropical storm with strong winds and heavy rain: A hurricane is a storm with winds of 75 or more miles per hour.

10. massacre mas·sa·cre [mas´ ·k r] n. a cruel and violent killing of many people: The government of the small country feared there would be a massacre.

11. moccasin moc·ca·sin [mok´ ·sin] n. a slipperlike shoe with a soft sole and no heel: Moccasins may be adorned with embroidery or beading.

12. opossum o·pos·sum [ ·pos´ m or pos´ m] n. a small, furry mammal that is native to North America: When they are in danger, opossums lie motionless and appear to be dead.

13. pinnacle pin·na·cle [pin´ ·k l] n. the highest point of achievement: Michael Jordan retired from pro basketball at the pinnacle of his career.

14. syllable syl·la·ble [sil´ ·b l] n. a single sound that forms a word or part of a word: The accent is on the first syllable of the word “swallow.”

15. tobacco to·bac·co [t ·bak´ ] n. a tall plant with large leaves that are dried and used for smoking and chewing: Tobacco was grown in the southern colonies and exported to England.

16. tomorrow to·mor·row [t ·mor´ ] n. the next day after today: If today is Monday, tomorrow will be Tuesday.

17. umbrella um·brel·la [um·brel´ ] n. a circular piece of cloth or plastic stretched on a folding frame that is held overhead for protection from rain or sun: I keep an umbrella in my backpack in case of rain.

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