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Journalism 285. Patrick Howe Lecturer. Audio Tips. You can do audio with videocam Avoid background noise! Sound bites: 2-15 seconds Keep them short Natural sound Use sound you recorded yourself Nat sound full: 1-5 seconds. Digital Marketing. Two ways to make money in MMJ

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Journalism 285

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Journalism 285

Journalism 285

Patrick Howe


Audio tips

Audio Tips

  • You can do audio with videocam

  • Avoid background noise!

  • Sound bites: 2-15 seconds

    • Keep them short

  • Natural sound

    • Use sound you recorded yourself

    • Nat sound full: 1-5 seconds

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Two ways to make money in MMJ

    • Work for a company (more later)

    • Start you own

  • Either way depends on traffic

    • No traffic=no money

  • Today is about getting traffic

Building an audience online

Building an Audience Online

Frequent updates

Frequent Updates

  • Blogs need fresh content

  • More posts lead to more growth

  • News sites: multiple posts/day

  • Personal blogs: daily is best

Who s visiting your blog

Who’s Visiting Your Blog?

View your WordPress stats

  • Clickable chart

  • Top posts and pages

  • Referrers

  • Search engine terms

  • Clicks (outbound links)

Web site analytics

Web Site Analytics

  • Pageviews – total number of pages viewed in a given period

  • Visits – Number of times anyone visits the site (including repeat visitors)

  • Unique visitors - Number of times anyone visits the site (excluding repeats)

    EXAMPLE – John visits your site 3 times in a day and Sue visits 2 times:

  • How many visits?

  • How many unique visits?

Google analytics

Google Analytics



Search engine basics

Search Engine Basics

  • Major source of your traffic

  • Spiders and robots

    • Crawl the web scanning text

    • Spider Simulator:

  • Index

  • Keywords

    • What people type in search box

    • Should be in your copy

    • Keyword checker:

      (most important should be biggest)

Search engine basics market share september 2011 comscore

Search Engine BasicsMarket Share - September 2011 (comScore)

  • Google: 65.3%

  • Yahoo: 15.5%

  • Bing: 14.7%

Seo search engine optimization

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

  • Want to get to 1st page of results (example)

  • Quality content is king

  • Use words people would search for

  • Inbound links (backlinks). Also, outbound and internal.

  • Title tag – should display headline (example)

  • Images generate traffic: Always use captions

  • Keyword tag

  • Give it time

Social media

Social Media

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Publicize on WordPress (Settings/Sharing)

Google tools

Google Tools

  • Webmaster Guidelines

  • Starter Guide

  • Google Insights

  • Paid search results: AdWords

Ethical issues

Ethical Issues

  • Write for readers or robots?

  • Should news coverage be based on stats?

Seo headlines

SEO Headlines

  • Headlines viewed more than the story

  • Critical for search engines

  • Not about being clever or witty

  • Make them simple, clear and direct

  • Give main idea of the story

  • Give location (common in searches)

  • Use keywords people would search for. Those words should also be in the story.

  • Specific keywords better than general

Seo headlines not about being clever


Non SEO:

What’s in a name?


Netflix drops plan to rename DVD service to Qwikster

Seo headlines specific better than general


Non SEO:

Restaurant chain adding second local location


Second Chipotle restaurant coming to San Luis Obispo

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