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SPACE Slideshows. By: Benjamin Taylor For: Mrs. Alpers. The Moon. Oakview Elementary School Greenville County SC. Earth’s Closest Neighbor Did you ever wonder what is Earth’s closest neighbor? It’s the Moon . The Moon orbits around the Earth like the Earth orbits around the Sun.

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SPACE Slideshows

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SPACE Slideshows

By: Benjamin Taylor

For: Mrs. Alpers

The Moon

Oakview Elementary School

Greenville County SC

Earth’s Closest NeighborDid you ever wonder what is Earth’s closest neighbor? It’s the Moon. The Moon orbits around the Earth like the Earth orbits around the Sun.

CratersDo you also wonder what those big holes in the Moon are? They are called Craters. Craters are holes that were made by huge meteorites crashing into the moon.

Galileo GalileiIn the late 1600s, Italian mathematician Galileo Galilei made drawings of the moon’s surface after studying it through his simple telescope.

The Phases of the MoonHave you ever wondered why the moon changes shape? It doesn’t. The Moon is always a round sphere. We call this The Phases of the Moon. The Moon does not have it’s own light. The Moon is reflecting the Sun. Every day, a little more of the Moon’s lighted side can be seen on Earth. It’s only the angle of the sun.

A Lunar EclipseA Lunar Eclipse is when no sunlight falls on the moon for a short period of time. Say it’s a full moon and it becomes darker and darker and darker until no sunlight is shining on the moon. It usually lasts for about 15 minutes and then it goes back to a full moon.

A Blue MoonOnce every 2.7 years, there are two full moons in one month. This happens because the twelve months in our calendar do not exactly match the moon’s cycle. The second full moon in one month is called a Blue Moon. This name has nothing to do with the color of the moon, and it is unclear how the term came about. The expression “once in a blue moon” has come to mean something that does not happen very often.

Men on the MoonAstronauts have traveled to the Moon many times. Sometimes astronomers sent spacecrafts and telescopes to see images from the Moon.

There are many stories about the Moon. Maybe you could make up a story about the Moon.

Logan A.

Lydia A.

Alexis B.

Mia C.

Wynn D.

Ben H.

Tomoya I.

Charles J.

Anvitha K.

Emmy K.

Leonora L.

Matthew L.

Connor M.

Marissa M.

Jack N.

Madison S.

Lauren S.

Sophie S.

Emma W.

Ryan W.

Dedicated to my Classmates. . .

Oakview Elementary SchoolGreenville County SC


Carmen Bredeson.

‘The Moon’

Grolier Publishing


SPACE Slideshows


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