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Mobile Games: Understanding and Optimizing Behavior Across Platforms
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Mobile Games: Understanding and Optimizing Behavior Across Platforms Sumit Gupta Founder & CEO Bash Gaming. Thanks For Coming!. Vegas, baby!. T hanks F or C oming!. Cross Platform Challenges Metrics That M attered Discussion. S hameless Self-Promotion .

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Thanks For Coming!

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Thanks for coming

Mobile Games: Understanding and Optimizing Behavior Across PlatformsSumitGuptaFounder & CEO Bash Gaming

Thanks for coming

Thanks For Coming!

Vegas, baby!

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

T hanks f or c oming

Thanks For Coming!

  • Cross Platform Challenges

  • Metrics That Mattered

  • Discussion

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

S hameless self promotion

Shameless Self-Promotion

For more than a year, we’ve been:

Top 10 Grossing on iPad

Top 20 Grossing on Android

Top 30 Grossing on Facebook

Top 40 Grossing on iPhone

Hell yeah!!!

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Bingo bash

Bingo bash

Top of the charts

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Thanks for coming

25M+ Installs, mostly from western markets!

More than 1.5Mpeople play daily, up to 45K concurrently!

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Know your a udience

Know Your Audience

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Know your a udience1

Know Your Audience

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Noobies free stuff is nuff

Noobies.. Free stuff is nuff!

  • Measure everything (Google Analytics/Events, Flurry/Apsalar – events, Mixpanel cohorts - free!!)

    • Back your gut feelings up with numbers

  • Drive the game based on metrics and user feedback

    • Listen to your users: this can be your differentiator

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Engagement engagement engagement

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

  • Median Session time, games/cards/spins per session

  • # of sessions per week

  • Optimize for time spent

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

User acquisition

User Acquisition

  • Launch in test market

  • How to know when you’re ready

    • Day 7 retention

    • 7-day ARPU

  • Different Day 7 for different platforms

* Source: Flurry Blog

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Test markets are viable worldwide

Test Markets Are Viable Worldwide

Social casino revenues from 2011-2012

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

(Source: SuperData Research)

First deposits

First deposits

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Cross platform works

Cross Platform works

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Cross platform woes

Cross Platform Woes

  • User A acquired from platform 1

    • Starts playing on platform 2—is it a new user?

    • Starts spending on platform 2—which platform gets credit?

  • Treat each platform independently when it comes to LTV vs. CPI analysis

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Now with 30 more cheese


Now with 30% more cheese

Game d esign zen

Game Design Zen!

  • DISRUPTION will happen

  • Think about how to combine entertainment and skill

  • Social gaming ≠ Zen

  • Smart phones and tablets are different

  • Interactivity matters

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Challenge paradigms

Challenge Paradigms

  • We have an average session time of 5 minutes on iPhone

  • More than 50% people play for 10+ minutes

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Smartphone vs tablet

Smartphone vs. Tablet

  • Never cut-and-paste

  • Smartphone ≠ Tablet

  • Level of engagement is deeper in Tablets

  • People play more sessions on iPhone, more session time on iPad

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Our user psychology

Our User Psychology

  • Believe they can

    • Beat the odds: Design for illusion of control

    • Predict future

  • Don’t like losing

    • Fix “loss moments"

  • Play to feel good

    • Incentivize repeat actions

    • Social moments

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Thanks for coming

Questions? Where is the exit key?

(c) BitRhymes Inc 2013

Thanks for coming

We are hiring! Left and right



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