Charge card supervisor reviewer training 2014
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Charge Card Supervisor/Reviewer Training 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charge Card Supervisor/Reviewer Training 2014. Agenda. Purpose of training Purchase Card (PCard) Program Agency Travel Card (ATC) Program Responsibilities Review Checklist Resources Review Conclusion. Purpose of Training.

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Charge card supervisor reviewer training 2014

Charge CardSupervisor/Reviewer Training 2014


  • Purpose of training

  • Purchase Card (PCard) Program

  • Agency Travel Card (ATC) Program

  • Responsibilities

  • Review Checklist

  • Resources

  • Review

  • Conclusion

Charge Card Administration

Purpose of training
Purpose of Training

  • Required annually of anyone who signs off on a cardholder’s reconciliation

  • Updates on the Purchase Card Program (SPCC and Gold)

  • Updates on the Agency Airline Travel Card (ATC)

  • Designed to provide guidance on what to look for in your review

Charge Card Administration

Purchase card program
Purchase Card Program

  • Agencies assume ultimate liability for use of the card

  • Purchasing cards must be used for official State Business only!

  • Airline tickets and Mass Rail tickets are allowed on the Purchase card

Charge Card Administration

Purchase card program1
Purchase Card Program

  • Limits:

  • Set at $4,999 per transaction and up to $100,000 per month

  • Procedures:

  • JMU Financial Procedures Manual Section 4220:

  • State CAPP Manual, topic 20355

Charge Card Administration


  • Reviewer is a critical role in the reconciliation process

  • Ensure that all purchases made are valid business expenses

  • Ensure that the reconciliation is supported with sufficient documentation

  • Ensure the reconciliation is completed timely and accurately

Charge Card Administration


  • Limits

    • Transaction Limits

    • Monthly Limits

  • Orders

    • Compliance with Procurement policies

    • No split orders

    • Report non compliance to Program Administrator

Charge Card Administration


  • Audits

    • By you signing and dating a reconciliation, you are agreeing that every item on the log is accurate and complete and for official state business only.

    • Auditors are very particular about the Supervisor/Reviewer role in reconciliations

Charge Card Administration

Review checklist
Review Checklist

  • Receive reconciliations timely

    • Contact your cardholder’s if you do not receive their reconciliation by your agency’s due date

  • Cardholder signature and date

    • If the reconciliation is not signed and dated, return to the cardholder

  • Bank of America monthly statement attached

    • If the monthly statement is not attached, request it from the cardholder

    • Billing statement must be paid in full monthly.

Charge Card Administration

Review checklist1
Review Checklist

  • Compare the transaction amounts documented on the reconciliation to the monthly statement

    • Contact the cardholder for an explanation of any variance not documented and return for correction

  • Verify that the reconciled total on the reconciliation matches the amount due on the Statement

    • If not, contact the cardholder for an explanation of the variance and return for correction

  • Validate that each transaction is a valid business purchase

    • If you have any questions, contact the cardholder for more information

Charge Card Administration

Review checklist2
Review Checklist

  • Verify that no Sales Tax was charged on purchase card purchases

    • If there was tax charged, contact the cardholder and instruct that a credit from the vendor be requested immediately. Ensure a notation to this effect is included on the reconciliation.

  • Accounting information correct

    • Contact the cardholder to correct any org or account codes

  • If there are any outstanding issues which cannot be corrected before sending the certified reconciliation to the Fiscal Office:

    • Attach documentation recapping disposition and identifying the responsible party.

Charge Card Administration

Review checklist3
Review Checklist

  • Sign and Date the Reconciliation

  • Keep track of any outstanding items awaiting resolution

  • Scan and email reconciliaton to [email protected]

Charge Card Administration

Policies and procedures
Policies and Procedures

  • Past Due Invoices

  • Agencies are not permitted to use the Pcardor ATC to circumvent prompt payment.

  • Invoices that are past due cannot be paid using the Purchase Card or ATC unless prior approval from DOA's Charge Card Administration Team is given, otherwise the only acceptable means of payment are by check or EDI.

Charge Card Administration


  • JMU Program Administrators

  • Department of Accounts Charge Card Administration Team

  • JMU Financial Procedures Manual Section 4220

  • CAPP Manual Topic 20355

  • CAPP Manual Topic 20336

  • CAPP Manual Topic 20360

Charge Card Administration


  • All reconciliations must be reviewed

  • Your signature certifies you have completed the review

  • Document any issues with charges

  • Use available resources

Charge Card Administration

Quiz question 1
Quiz Question 1

  • It is my responsibility to make sure all charges I am signing off on are legitimate expenditures for the university.



Charge Card Administration

Quiz question 11
Quiz Question 1

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Charge Card Administration

Quiz question 2
Quiz Question 2

  • After monthly small purchase card review I am to sign and date the coversheet.



Charge Card Administration

Quiz question 21
Quiz Question 2

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Charge Card Administration


  • You have completed the annual Supervisor/Review Training for 2014. Please go to this and print out the certificate to send into Accounts Payable. All certificates are due in Accounts Payable by April 15th, 2014.

  • Thank You.

Charge Card Administration