Abet level 4 june 2002
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ABET LEVEL 4 JUNE 2002. EXAMINATION REPORT. ABET level 4 June 2002. Positives: Significant increase in pass percentage in 8 of eleven learning areas. Large increases in isiXhosa, Life Orientation and Natural Sciences. Split of MLMMS into ML was very successful – 70% pass rate

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ABET level 4 June 2002


  • Significant increase in pass percentage in 8 of eleven learning areas.

  • Large increases in isiXhosa, Life Orientation and Natural Sciences.

  • Split of MLMMS into ML was very successful – 70% pass rate

  • Increased participation of other sectors.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Percentage pass rate per L.A.

ABET Level 4 June 2002LLC: English

  • Pleasing to see previous reports have been read and suggestions implemented.

  • Language level of candidates generally low.

  • Lack of comprehension is evident.

  • Educators should study the national guidelines.

  • Require national intervention – English for learners whose home language is not Eng.

ABET Level 4 June 2002LLC: Afrikaans

  • Needs to be better placement of learners.

  • Educators appear to be more confident in the teaching of the various unit standards.

  • Learners need to read the questions properly.

  • Grammar and sentence construction were two areas that needed attention.

ABET Level 4 June 2002LLC: isXhosa

  • Candidates showed a lack of practice in writing.

  • Sections on summarising and analysis of a poem were poorly done or not attempted.

  • It appears that candidates coped better with questions that did not expect them to think independantly.

  • Many questions were too short for the marks allocated.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Mathematical Literacy

  • Section A of the paper contributed to ML.

  • Report focuses on areas that require attention.

  • Problems included geometric and number patterns, decimals, time and volume.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Mathematical Sciences

  • Report draws attention to areas that need assistance.

  • Problems with time, percentages, decimals.

  • Candidates could not interpret information from a table that was provided.

  • Most candidates struggled with algebra.

  • Most candidates struggled with drawing of a bar graph.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Arts and Culture

  • General improvement in candidates ability to answer the questions.

  • Candidates appeared to be more confident.

  • Literacy still a problem.

  • Candidates did not recognise technical terms.

  • Teaching should ensure that candidates read illustrations through their own interpretation rather than merely describing what they see.

ABET Level 4 June 2002EMS

  • Generally an improvement in candidates understanding of aspects of EMS such as the cash receipt journal and cash payment journal.

  • Recommends using a specialist to present the accounting section of the US.

  • Candidates able to read tables but unable to analyse the data.

  • Candidates require greater exposure to case studies.

  • Use the assessment guidelines to prepare the learenrs.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Human & Social Sciences

  • Candidates should attempt all the MCQs as there is no negative marking.

  • Candidates did not understand or were not taught specific terms in history e.g movement, association and expression.

  • Very little skill in interpreting graphs.

  • Problems re drawing conclusions, arguing own point of view and understanding.

  • Candidates need to be exposed to everyday problems in their communities.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Life Orientation

  • Successful as learners did very well.

  • Answering MCQs problem – need technical guidance.

  • Terminology appeared to another problem area.

  • All teachers must teach emergency procedures and reporting emergency situations.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Natural Sciences

  • Pleased by overall improvement by candidates.

  • Specific content problems are mentioned in the report e.g. cells, natural resources, sources of energy – all mentioned in the range statements.

  • Examination technique a problem

  • reading questions carefully.

  • drawing a table.

  • Answers that were too short when asked to explain.

ABET Level 4 June 2002Technology

  • General lack of understanding of the content needed in this learning area.

  • Answers show a lack of study or application.

  • Learner’s need prior assistance in planning an answer sheet e.g numbering correctly.

ABET Level 4 June 2002SMME

  • Not sure whether the candidates did poorly because of reading and interpretation problems or because they were not ready for the examination.

  • Some candidates are not ready in terms of examination technique wrt reading, writing, interpreting and analysing texts.

  • Suggests that the language used be made simpler.

  • Recommends training of teachers and assessment of their knowledge of the learning area.

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