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AMAJUBA DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY. DRAFT 2009/10 TO 2011/12 MEDUIM TERM REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE FRAMEWORK BUDGET. Mayoral Budget Speech. Honorable Councilors, Officials , business people and the community present, I greet you all.

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Mayoral Budget Speech

  • Honorable Councilors, Officials , business people and the community present, I greet you all.

  • It is indeed a great honor ,to table yet another budget to you, which is a blue print for service delivery and development in our district for the next three years. The budget being tabled here is only a draft , meaning that it is not yet a final document. It will only be a final document once you have submitted all your comments and suggestions in order to make it your budget.

  • What we are doing today is in pursuit of the objects of local government as outlined in section 152 of the Constitution , which are

    • to provide democratic and accountable government for local communities;

    • to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner;

    • to promote social and economic development;

    • to promote a safe and healthy environment; and

    • to encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of local government.

  • There are already some key initiatives in the draft budget which need to be highlighted. Firstly, the growth of the administration has necessitated erection of additional offices Hence the inclusion of R3.4Mil in the 2009/10 Financial Year.

  • By bringing the budget to you for your inputs and comments we want to make sure that it suspends to your needs and concerns, but please bear in mind that with the limited resources not all requests can be satisfied in one year.

Mayoral Budget Speech continued…….

  • You are also entitled in terms of S21 of the Municipal Systems Act and S22 of The Municipal Financial Management Actto make representations with regards to the budget for possible inclusions in the current year budget , future budgets and the Intergarted Development Plans ( IDP’s) .

  • The closing date for submissions is th 5th of May 2008. You can contact the Office Of the Municipal Manager to submit your contribution.

  • Highlights of our Budget 2009-2010 ….follows


Promoting shared and integrated service delivery

Creating an enabling environment for economic development

Increasing opportunities for previously disadvantaged


Providing and maintaining integrated, affordable, equitable

and sustainable services

Facilitating access to land and social services

Promoting development of a safe and healthy environment, and

Effective planning of infrastructure and technical services


  • 31-Mar-09

  • Draft Budget

  • CFO TO……

  • Submit draft multi-year operational and capital budget to Council, Provincial Treasury, DLGTA and National Treasury

  • 1-30 April 2009

  • Public Consultation Process


  • Public consultation on draft budget throughout the district

  • 1-16 May 2009

  • Respond to Public Comments

    MAYOR TO…….

    Respond to public comments and sector comments and CFO to incorporate recommendations into draft budget where possible.


  • 1-16 May 2009

  • Respond to Public Comments

  • MAYOR TO…….

  • Respond to public comments and sector comments and CFO to incorporate recommendations into draft budget where possible.

  • 30-May-09

  • Approval of Draft Budget


  • Approve draft multi-year operational and capital budget

  • 06-Jun-09

  • Advertising

  • MM TO ENSURE ……..

  • Publication of approved budget and promulgation of water tariffs


  • The FY2009-10 Budget must balance the community needs and expectations against limited resources while keeping Amajuba District Municipality on a path to fiscal responsibility.

  • The annual budget document has been developed taking the MFMA and National Treasury(NT) requirements into account. Budgets are being tabled and approved within the required legislated timeframes.



  • The Operating Budget totals R105,3 million which funds the continued provision of services provided by the Municipality.

  • Funding is obtained from various sources, the major sources being grants and subsidies

    received National and Provincial Governments in order to support the 2009/10 Operating Budget

    The major expenditure items are employee costs (29.9) million, and general expenses (R70,3) million. In an attempt to direct more resources to better the lives of our people, we have allocated (R57,4) Million of funds to prioritized operating projects.

Focus on a few of the Operating Projects…..

  • LED Projects & Poverty Alleviation(R5.2mil) has been provided in the budget .

  • HIV /AIDS Programmes , Youth , Children & Gender, People with Disabilites, Senior Citizens programmes(2.6Mil)

  • Mayors Projects and Discretionary Fund (5,2Mil)

  • Provision of Basic Water and Sanitation Services (25,4 mil)

  • Disaster Management & Disaster Relief Interventions (5.8mil)

  • EnviromentalAwareness,Tourism , Arts & culture & Planning (4.6Mil)

Priotized Operating Projects (R 57,4mil……..)

Priotized Operating Projects (R 57,4mil……..)

PriotizedOperating Projects(R 57,4mil……..)

2009/10 to 2011/12 MTREF DRAFT BUDGETOperating Estimates

Where does our money come from…..

How is the money spent….

Operating expenditure by function

Operating expenditure by function


  • The capital budget generally contain new or replacement assets such as roads, vehicles, buildings, etc.

  • Over the next three financial years, 2009/10 to 2011/12, capital spending is projected at

  • R73.3 million in 2009/10 and then to decline by 39,5% to R40.3 million in 2010/11.

  • Municipal Infrastructure Grant

  • The MIG programme is aimed at providing all South Africans with at least a basic level of service by the year 2013 through the provision of grant finance (MIG funds) aimed at covering the capital cost of basic infrastructure for the poor.An amount of R 30.6 million has been allocated for the 2009/10 MTREF financial year.

  • DWAF Infrastructure Grant

  • An amount of R15,169 million has been available for the Emandlageni Bulk Water Supply and Backlogs in Water & Sanitation in Schools & Clinics.

  • SPORTS Infrastruture Grant

  • An amount of R5.963milion from Local Government & R4.010 million from Dept of Sports & recreation has been allocated and will be utilized to sustain sport and recreation facilities within disadvantaged communities.

  • Management and monitoring of conditional grants

  • In order to further improve the management and monitoring of conditional grants National

  • Treasury will give special attention to the following matters;

  • Municipalities must reflect all grants (from national, provincial and local) on both the

  • revenue and the expenditure sides of their 2009/10 budgets, as well as for the MTREF


  • Monitoring that all funds transferred from national and provincial government are deposited in municipalities’ primary bank accounts;

  • Monitoring that accounting officers (as receiving officers) fulfill their duties set out in sections 12 and 13 of the Division of Revenue Bill, particularly as they relate to the preparation and submission of information on conditional grants to the relevant national or provincial transferring officer, and to the relevant provincial treasury and NationalTreasuryas part of their section 71 reporting obligations.

  • Basic Capital

  • An amount of R16,772 million has been made available from our Capital development fund to finance the spending of R 3.1 million on additions to our existing Building planned for 2009/10, Major part of this allocation is to finance various water & sanitation projects of R12,0 million that does not form part of our MIG allocation.

2009/10 to 2011/12 MTREF DRAFT BUDGETCapital Estimates …..


Considering the income envelope to fund the budgeted expenditure the following increases have been applied for the 2009/2009 MTREF period.

  • The tariffs for water and sanitation increases as follows:

  • 2.1Water Supply ( 8%)

  • 2.1.1Residential

  • 2008 2009

  • 0 – 6kl FREE FREE

  • 7 – 20kl R4.18 per kl R4.51 kl

  • 21 – 40kl R4.26 per kl R 4.60 kl

  • 41 – 60kl R4.34 per kl R4.69 kl

  • Above 60kl R4.43 per kl R4.78 kl

  • 2.1.2Business and Industrial R4.37 per kl R4.72 kl

  • (For all consumption)

  • 2.1.3Raw Water R2.65 per kl 2.86 kl

    • Sanitation R4.18 per kl of water consumed

  • (For all customers and all consumption

  • 2.2.1Emptying of Septic Tanks R205.00 per draw/load

  • 2.2.2Availability Charge R85.87 per month

  • (For all serviced vacant land)

BUDGET 2009-10

  • "We have a lot of challenges, but we also have opportunities as well.”

  • We are acutely aware that the challenges we face are enormous and that resources at our disposal are never enough to meet the needs of the people.

  • Nonetheless we are confident that, this Budget is a step in a right direction


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