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COURSE 1. In Touch ( Wsoy ). RULES. translate. RULES. Please, don’t be late! If the door is closed, don't bother!. RULES. Feed yourself outside of the classroom. Coffee and other beverages are a no-no!. RULES.

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In Touch





Please, dont be late! If the door is closed, don't bother!


Feed yourself outside of the classroom. Coffee and other beverages are a no-no!


In case you have a mobile, put it in silent mode and don't touch it! If you do, it'll be confiscated.I just love making long-distance calls

  • Dontsleepduring the lessons...

RULES when working on computers

If you chat, play or check the weather report, I will close your PC and dismiss you from the class, i.e. you'll get an absence mark. Three absences might result in getting kicked out of the course.If youre ill or have another reason why youre not there, let me know!

  • Work hard but remember to have a life and relax, too! Studying must also be fun!

English courses

  • EN1 revision of previous grammar structures and vocabulary (youngsters and their world)

  • EN2 and EN3 revision (communication and leisure/ studying and working

  • EN4 Society

  • EN5 Culture

  • EN6 Science & technology

How to study

  • CHAPTERS; listen to them and read them always aloud at home

  • SIIS:

  • Lue kappale

  • Suomenna kappale ja kirjoita vaikeimmat sanat yls

  • Kirjoita sanonnat, fraasiverbit yls

  • Lue sanat (peit suomennos, kysele itseltsi/kaverilta)

  • Lue kpl uudestaan; tarkista, ett ymmrrt lauseet!





Written work

  • l valitse otsikkoa, jota et ymmrr -> jopa - 50p. Jos vrst aiheestaesim. taxis taxes, changes chances

  • Suunnittele!! (mindmap, ransk. viivat). Sanamr on 150-250, tilaa on vain n. 3lle kappaleelle.

  • Aineessa pit olla 3 osaa:

    • ALKU


    • LOPPU

  • ALKU: aloituskappaleessa esitt lyhyesti kantasi. Yrit hertt lukijan mielenkiinto. l mhl hirvesti alussa.

  • Ksittelykappaleet: perustele kantasi ja anna esimerkkej. Pyri siirtymn luontevasti asiasta toiseen. 2-4 kappaletta riitt!

  • LOPPU: kokoa asiat yhteen ja viittaa kirjoitelman alkuun. l kuitenkaan toista omia lauseitasi. Muista viimeisen lauseen merkitys.

  • Whateveryouredoing,



But now, lets start working!

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