Medical student research extra and intramural funding opportunities
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Medical Student Research Extra and Intramural Funding Opportunities PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Student Research Extra and Intramural Funding Opportunities. October 25, 2011. Ginny L. Bumgardner MD PhD FACS Associate Dean for Research Education. Objectives. Research Funding Basics HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program

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Medical Student Research Extra and Intramural Funding Opportunities

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Medical Student ResearchExtra and Intramural Funding Opportunities

October 25, 2011

Ginny L. Bumgardner MD PhD FACS

Associate Dean for Research Education


  • Research Funding Basics

  • HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program

  • Sarnoff Foundation Medical Student Research Fellowship Program

  • Faculty Alumni Perspectives

  • Student Alumni Perspectives

Research Funding Basics

  • Find a Research Mentor

  • Research Funding Sources for Medical Students

  • Apply to Multiple Funding Sources!

    • Applications are competitive

    • Intramural funds are limited

  • Prepare a timeline to meet application due dates

  • Prepare a high quality application

Research Funding Opportunities

  • BE ALERT to funding opportunities

    • Weekly MD2B emails

    • Medical Student Research Program Website Listings

    • Department specific opportunities

    • Center specific opportunities (CCTS, CCC-Pelotonia)

    • National Associations in specific areas (e.g., American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, ….)

  • Resources for Information

    • Research Mentors and laboratory team

    • Websites of Professional Medical Associations

    • Other medical students

  • BE AWARE of Scholarship Commitments


Intramural Opportunity

  • RFA: 2011 TL1 Awards

  • The OSU Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) is seeking applicants for the NIH CTSA TL1 Mentored Clinical Research Training Program. The overall goal of the CCTS TL1 program is to provide trainees with the skills required to develop a career in trans-disciplinary clinical and translational research relevant to human health.

  • Release Date: October 4, 2011Application Deadline:December 14, 2011Award Start Date: June 18, 2012

  • Eligibility includes medical students: “…pre-professional degree students pursuing training in health professions (e.g. MD, DDS, DVM, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, and other professional degree programs)

Research Funding Basics - Continued

  • Application Sections

    • Candidate

      • personal statement, biosketch

    • Mentor

      • letters of recommendation, biosketch,

    • Research Plan

    • Training Plan

      • Learning objectives, experimental duties, timeline

    • Institution

      • Research Environment

    • Research Compliance

      • IRB/ILACUC protocol approval


HHMI Fellowships

  • Overview

  • OSU COM HHMI Medical Fellows:

  • Rebekah Browning

  • Rebecca Cawley

  • Jolene Mariotti

  • Handouts

  • HHMI slide presentation posted to Med Student Research Program website

HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program


Medical, Dental and Veterinary Students

Applicant is responsible for selecting a research mentor


Basic, translational, and applied research

One year of full-time research

*special topic-joint initiative on retinal degenerative diseases


Any academic or nonprofit research institution in US (not NIH)


Application due January 11, 2012


Annual stipend of $28,000

$5,500 allowance for research enrichment (e.g., travel), health-care, education related expenses.

Loan deferment available


2012 HHMI Summer Medical Fellows Programdue February 15, 2012

  • Who: medical, dental, veterinary students

  • What: research experience in HHMI investigator lab

    • (prelude to 1 year research experience, not necessarily in same lab)

    • Student needs to contact HHMI investigator (see list at to set up project & mentorship plan

  • How many: up to 20 in 2012

  • When:

    • 8-10 weeks

  • Where: HHMI investigator lab (see on-line list)

  • Benefits:

    • $500/week

    • Up to $1,000 for roundtrip relocation expenses if other than home school

NIH Medical Research Fellows Program

OSU COM NIH-HHMI Cloisters Fellows:

David Clever2011-2012

Stanley Park2011-2012

New 2012-2013 NIH Medical Research Fellows Program-due Jan 17,2012


New 2012-2013NIH Medical Research Fellows Programdue Jan 17,2012

How many? This new program will ultimately have a capacity of approximately 70 students, with a goal for the initial 2012-2013 class of at least 40 students. For a select group of students, an additional year of support may be available to allow a continuation of ongoing studies where this is judged to be in the best interests of the student and the mentor.

Eligibility: The Medical Research Scholars Program is designed for students who have completed their initial clinical rotations but does not exclude students with strong research interests from applying prior to having completed their clinical rotations.

Type of Research: bench, the bedside, and between both—including computational biology, medical informatics, and other emerging areas of contemporary science.

The program will provide the opportunity for clinician-scientists and future physicians, dentists, and veterinarians to carry out research across the full spectrum of laboratory, translational, and clinical opportunities in the interests of the public health.

Summary NIH Medical Research Fellows ProgramNew in 2012-2013


Medical, Osteopathic, Dental and Veterinary Students (40 in first year, thereafter 70)

Mentors & Scholars project chosen after acceptance into program


One year of full-time basic, translational or clinical research

Research Training Curriculum, several options:

seminal basic, translational and clinical research topics highlighting the continuum of discovery

clinical protocol development and the conduct of human subjects research

participation in clinical rounds focusing on the rich patient population at the NIH

Scholars will interact with NIH leaders—institute directors, scientific and clinical directors, and principal investigators—and established investigators from academic medical centers and universities.

A regular lecture series featuring these individuals will provide opportunities for the participants to learn more about the scientific discovery process, as well as science policy, issues in bioethics, and emerging technologies.


Research conducted at NIH in Bethesda, MD


Application due January 17, 2012


Annual stipend of $33,700

Health insurance covered by the program

Furnished on-campus housing, moving expenses reimbursed up to a certain amount

Additional funds for travel, books, courses by approval


NIH Medical Research Fellows ProgramNew in 2012-2013

  • Q. Is the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program stipend taxable?

  • Yes, although no monthly deductions are made, stipends are subject to state and federal income taxes. Quarterly tax payments are advised. A tax advisor can provide further information.

  • Q. Is health insurance required?

  • Yes, Scholars must have health insurance to participate in this program. The costs of health insurance benefits are covered by the program. A health insurance policy can be obtained through the NIH Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES). The program will privately reimburse for outside insurance coverage if the individual is enrolled in a private health insurance plan that meets NIH requirements.

  • Q. Can educational loans be deferred while I am in this program?

  • Yes, participants in NIH-based year-out enrichment programs have been able to defer student loans while in training programs at the NIH. As a NIH Medical Research Scholars Program participant, you are considered to be engaged in a graduate fellowship. A NIH Medical Research Scholars Program administrator can provide guidance after starting the fellowship.  Scholars should contact their financial aid officer to determine their school’s mechanism for deferment. The Office of Clinical Research Training and Medical Education at the NIH should be promptly notified if you have any difficulties related to loan deferment.


  • 2011-2012 Medical Fellows

  • 244 applicants from 81 schools

  • 72 accepted from 30 schools

  • 2010-2011 Medical Fellows

  • 274 applicants from 74 schools

  • 74 accepted from 27 schools

Applications from all qualified candidates are welcome and women and under-represented minorities are encouraged to apply. Females and under-represented minorities are proportionately represented among awardees.

Medical Student Research ProgramInternal Review for HHMI, Sarnoff etc

  • Assistance with internal review of HHMI and Sarnoff applications

  • Internal review due date November 28th, 2011

  • E-mail to [email protected]

  • E-mail subject “Internal Review for …. Fellowship”

  • Tips

  • Lists of previous mentors

  • Current opportunities

MDSR Website research trainees tab

October 26th, 2011

MDSR Website

Look for…

  • Dates Posted

  • Deadlines

  • Links

MDSR Website

2 Presentations

2011 Medical Student Research (MDSR) Scholarship Application

Funding Sponsors: Roessler/Bennett/ Barnes/Watts

Phased Application Submission

Phase 1: Dec 9, 2011

Phase 2: Jan 13, 2012

Award Notification:

April 2nd, 2012


Phased Application Submission

Phase I documents due DECEMBER 9th, 2011

Eligibility: Hypothesis Driven Research Discovery

Basic Science

Clinical Science

Educational Research

Research Ethics Research etc.

Phase I documents include:

Medical Student Research Scholarship Cover Page

NIH Biosketch of Student

Mentor/Mentee Commitment: Signed student & mentor compacts

Research Compliance: IRB/ILACUC Protocols

Categorization of Research Project


2012 Medical Student Research Scholarship Application Phase I Cover Page


Phased Application Submission - Continued

Phase II documents due JANUARY 13th, 2012

Documents include:

Phase II Cover Page

Mentor Letter


Research Plan

Environment and Resources

Experimental Duties & Timeline


NIH Biosketch of Mentor


2012 Medical Student Research Scholarship Application Phase II Cover Page


2011 MDSR Research Categories of Funded Projects

2011 MDSR Specific Categorization of Funded Projects

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