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Travelling is interesting
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Travelling is interesting. Match the parts of the proverbs. 1. Who lives sees much a) one hundred times heard about 2. He who travels far b) as there are travelers

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Travelling is interesting

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Travelling is interesting

Travelling is interesting

Travelling is interesting

Match the parts of the proverbs

1. Who lives sees much a) one hundred times heard about

2. He who travels far b) as there are travelers

3. There are as many paths c) who travels sees more

4. One time seen is better than d) knows much

Travelling is interesting

Traveling… is…

Decipher the word

Decipher the word

1) The…(pirator) was very busy.

1) The airport was very busy.

2) We took only one ...(cusaties) with us.

2) We took only one suitcase with us.

3)On a…(tacivano) peole like a change.

3)On a vacation peole like a change.

4) My last …(norujye) was exciting.

4) My last journeywas exciting.

5) Don't forget a …(remaka) to take photos.

5) Don't forget a camera to take photos.

Place the phrases into two columns

Place the phrases into two columns

1. How can I help you?

2. I was thinking of going to Australia.

3. How long is your vacation?

4. Here's our Sydney brochure.

5. Would you like me to make a booking now, sir?

6. It's expensive but I've been told it's very nice.

7. Just one week.

8. It's a very high-class hotel.

9. Yes, please.

10. Have a look and see if there's a hotel that you like.


1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 2,6,7,9.

Travelling is interesting

1) Which / high / waterfall / world?

a) Angel Falls (Venezuela)

b) Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

c) Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)

Travelling is interesting

2) Which / large / continent /world?

a) America

b) Africa

c) Asia

Travelling is interesting

3) Which / far / planet / from the sun?

a) Neptune

b) Pluto

c) Uranus

Travelling is interesting

4)Which / deep / ocean / world?

a) Indian

b) Atlantic

c) Pacific

Travelling is interesting

5) Where / the Eiffel Tower?

a) In London

b) In Paris

a) In New York

Travelling is interesting

6) Where / the Statue of Liberty?

a) In Washington

b) In New York

c) In London

Travelling is interesting

7) How many / continents?

a) five

b) four

c) six

Travelling is interesting

8) What / the capital of Italy?

a) Madrid

c) Rome

b) Cairo

Travelling is interesting

World map

Travelling is interesting


Travelling is interesting




1. Tell foreigners about Ukraine following the plan.

  • 2. Make a leaflet of the country you’d like to visit.

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