A n dy status commissioning with colliding beams p p at s 500 gev
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A N DY Status Commissioning with colliding beams (p  +p  at s=500 GeV) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A N DY Status Commissioning with colliding beams (p  +p  at s=500 GeV). L.C.Bland, for AnDY 12 April 2011 Time Meeting, BNL. Local Polarimetry Event data analysis to tune parameters for scaler board.

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A N DY Status Commissioning with colliding beams (p  +p  at s=500 GeV)

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ANDY StatusCommissioning with colliding beams (p+p at s=500 GeV)

L.C.Bland, for AnDY

12 April 2011

Time Meeting, BNL

Local PolarimetryEvent data analysis to tune parameters for scaler board

  • Events that pass a ZDC trigger (Blue-facing OR Yellow-facing) are analyzed. Similar information is available on scaler board (acquiring data at 9.38 MHz), although final tuning is required.

  • Uses ZDC shower maximum detector to reconstruct azimuth (f) for event. f is spin sorted, based on 7-bit bunch counter and polarization pattern.

  • N±(f) and N±(f+p) are combined in a cross ratio analysis and then fit by esin(f-f0).

Minimal impact on STAR,PHENIX

Higher Intensity for IP2 Collisions

Fri. 8 April


IP2 collisions have begun <3 hours after physics ON

Integrated Luminosity Estimate to Date

~2mr crossing angle

~1.6mr crossing angle

~0mr crossing angle

systematically increased thresholds for IP2 collisions

  • Presently, no accidentals correction (found to be large for ZDC). All rates are now scaled on bunch-crossing scalers, following 20110330 access and subsequent timing adjustments.

  • Requires calibration of effective cross section for BBC via vernier scan.

  • Jet analyzing power measurement sets goal of 10 / pb for run 11.

  • Establishing luminosity capability in run 11 is important for Drell Yan attempt in runs 12,13 (150 / pb in each run)

Many thanks to C-A for increasing the threshold for IP2 collisions



Issues and Plans

  • We are in “production” with a jet trigger >660M jet events recorded.

  • Further increase per bunch intensity for IP2 bump removal? Present criteria couples IP2 collision start with CNI measurement  move CNI measurement earlier?

  • Vernier scan at IP2?

  • Reduce IP2 b* during APEX?

  • Demonstrate reproducibility

  • Complete ECal gain matching Not much progress in past week.

  • Begin local polarimetry production. Scaler board and FPGA configurations in production. Final tuning required






Reminder of GoalsLong-term and run-11

  • Goals of ANDY project:

  • Establish that large-xF low-mass dileptons from the Drell-Yan process can be discriminated from background in s=500 GeV p+p collisions

  • Measure the analyzing power for Drell-Yan production with sufficient statistical precision to test the theoretical prediction of a sign change for DY in relation to semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering

  • Establish if robust detection of Drell-Yan dileptons at large xF and low mass requires magnetic analysis  critical for future facilities at RHIC



ANDY Prioritiesfor remainder of RHIC run-11

  • Run-11 goals:

  • Establish the impact of a third IR on RHIC performance for p+p collisions at s=500 GeV - Demonstrate luminosity at IP2, as required for Drell-Yan sample in runs 12 (without magnet),13 (with magnet). Estimate that 150 / pb gives 104 large-rapidity di-electrons with M>4 GeV/c2 for p+p at s=500 GeV. Is this possible in a 10-week run?

  • Demonstrate calibration of HCal

  • Measure analyzing power for large xF jet production. Non-zero AN required for jets if Drell-Yan production has an analyzing power. Complete the measurement of the analyzing power for jet production. A non-zero AN for jets is a requirement for Drell-Yan to have non-zero analyzing power. Recent theoretical work establishes intrinsic interest in the jet analyzing power measurement.



Run11 AN(Jet)

arXiv:1103.1591 jet AN measurements are required to clarify signs of quark/gluon correlators related to Sivers functions.


s=200 GeV

from p+pp

“new” Sivers function

“old” Sivers function


Non-zero jet analyzing power essentially a prerequisite before proceeding to Drell Yan


  • Siver’s effect only (no collin’s effect contribution)

  • Need AN(Jet) measurements before DY

  • With ~10/pb & P=50%, AnDY run11 can measure AN(Jet)



  • At present threshold for IP2 collisions (average intensity < 0.901011/bunch), integrate ~200 / nb / fill

  • 2 fills/day has been achieved

  • Consequently, 12.5 days are required to get 5 / pb

  • Maximum possible integrated luminosity (IP2 collisions for entire fill) would yield ~700 nb/fill

    • One week at 2 fills/day would provide 5 / pb

    • Two weeks at 2 fills/day would provide 10 / pb

Schematic of detector for Run-11

  • Equipment in place:

  • HCal is two existing 9x12 modules from E864 (NIM406,227)

  • ECal are two small lead-glass modules from BigCal at JLab

  • BBC (from PHOBOS) and ZDC

  • Preshower is newly constructed scintillator arrays

  • Goals:

  • Establish impact of 3IR operation on PHENIX/STAR luminosity

  • Calibrate HCal

    • relative gain via cosmic-ray m

    • absolute energy scale via r,L,KS…

  • Measure hadronic backgrounds to benchmark simulations

  • Measure jet analyzing power (Lint~10 / pb, P=50%)



Trigger/DAQ electronics

Left/right symmetric HCal

Left/right symmetric


Blue-facing BBC

Left/right symmetric preshower

Beryllium vacuum pipe

IP2 in January, 2011Run-11 Staging of ANDY



See http://hena.lbl.gov/IP2/Business/status/<date> for pictures of progress

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