Welcome back to the hong kong academy middle and high school academic year 2012 2013
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Welcome Back to the Hong Kong Academy Middle and High School! Academic Year 2012-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Back to the Hong Kong Academy Middle and High School! Academic Year 2012-2013. Summer Holidays… Family Friends Reading Adventures Reflections Goals…. Welcome to all of our new Middle/High School STUDENTS!.

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Welcome to all of our new School!

Middle/High School


A warm welcome to our fine new staff… Graduating Class of 2013…

  • Ms. Harvey: MYP Science and DP Biology

  • Mr. O’Connor: MYP Science and DP Chemistry

  • Ms. Muller: MYP Visual Arts and DP Art

  • Ms. Friesen: MYP Music and Instrumental Music

  • Ms. Escansay: MYP and DP Spanish

  • Ms. Cowan: Counsellor (Social-Emotional & University)

  • Ms. Yong: Inclusion Support Teacher

  • Ms. Huang: MYP Mandarin and DP Mandarin

Our excellent returning Teachers… Graduating Class of 2013…

A warm welcome back to our outstanding returning teachers who are ready to start school, engage you, and ensure that this is a rewarding, challenging, and successful year for each and every one of you.

What’s new, and what’s Graduating Class of 2013…

happening today?

Looking ahead in 2012-2013 Graduating Class of 2013…

Campus maintenance and construction

Daily schedule (Assemblies)

New classes/new philosophies

MS/HS Parent-Student Guidelines (Handbook)

New expectations


Service Learning

The plan for today Graduating Class of 2013…

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

The rest of this week Graduating Class of 2013…

Thursday and Friday will be regular, full academic days…

Thursday, August 16th: Day 1/HL 1

Friday, August 7th: Day 2/HL 2

Contributing positively in 2012-2013 Graduating Class of 2013…

“Everything we do and say either contributes to, or diminishes from the common good.”

Dr. Dennis Larkin

Head of School

Lincoln Community School

Accra, Ghana- west Africa

Leadership opportunities Graduating Class of 2013…

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Fine and Performing Arts



ACAMIS/ local competitions

Service Learning

Pathways to individual excellence Graduating Class of 2013…

Metacognitive strategies

How do you learn best?

What do you need from us to be your best?

Goal setting and Individual Challenges

Try something new and take a risk

What’s important for learning Graduating Class of 2013…

at HKA this year?

Academic, Emotional, and Moral Intelligence

Books yes…but alsoempathy, respect, tolerance, and conscience

Piaget Graduating Class of 2013…

“Learning with our heads, our hearts and our hands”

Jean Piaget…

20th C. Swiss Developmental Psychologist focused on studying children’s cognitive development

A new year in 2012-2013… Graduating Class of 2013…

Tabula rasa (Latin)

A clean (scratched) slate

Good old fashioned blackboard with chalk!

Aristotle….Jean-Jaque Rousseau….Thomas Hobbes…Sigmund Freud

Our Class of 2013! Graduating Class of 2013…

Imogen Miranda Suhail

Sierra Hanne Peter

Luca Mirko Judge

Wakako Max Sheldon

Sumayyah Steve Kenichi

Juri Cynthia Arielle


Have a great Senior Year…

Computers busses and walkers at dismissal

Misc. items! Graduating Class of 2013…


Busses and Walkers at dismissal

Welcome back to school have a wonderful year of learning fun and adventure this year in 2012 2013

A great year ahead in Graduating Class of 2013…


Welcome (back) to school


have a wonderful year of learning, fun, and adventure this year in 2012-2013