Kindle technical support phone number
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Kindle technical support phone number PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Utilize our toll free Kindle Phone number 1-800-987-6301 and call our kindle tech support available 24/7. We offer solutions to all your Kindle problems

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kindle technical support phone number

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Kindle technical support phone number

Problem: Device won’t charge

Kindle technical support phone number

IF Kindle Fire Device Won’t Charge

Follow These Steps:

 Hold down the power button for 20 seconds to power off and

then try plugging in the charger.

 Make sure you are using the cable that you got with your Kindle

Fire HD.

 If you didn’t buy the Amazon Kindle Power Fast for Accelerated

Charging which costs an extra $20 then you need to check the

rating on the charger you are using.

 A full charge should take 4 hours using the Amazon charger and


 Many other device chargers will work just as well, here’s an

example from Power Gen that’s only $10 (although if you use the

dual charging feature it will charge more slowly).

Kindle technical support phone number

 If you are using another charger with a lower rating then it will

work, but it might take a lot longer

 And it can cause synchronization problems with the battery

monitor so it might not display accurately how much power the

battery has left.

 Try the charger with another device to make sure it is working.

 If the charging light doesn’t come on (it should be orange when

charging and green when charged), try pushing the cable in more

or gently moving it.

 Some Kindle Fire HDs have loose ports and if that’s the case

you’ll want to contact Amazon and get a replacement.

Kindle technical support phone number

Kindle Fire won’t connect to Wi-Fi Follow These Possible

Steps To Resolve IT:

Try holding the power button for a second and when “Do you want to shut

down your Kindle?“ pops up tap “Shut Down”.

Turn off your router. Now turn both of them back on again.

Try rebooting the device by holding down the power button for 20 seconds

and then tap the power button to turn it back on.

Before you start, make sure your Kindle Fire HD is fully charged.

Reset the Kindle Fire HD to factory settings by pulling down the

notifications bar

And then tap More > My Account > Deregister and read the text then tap

Deregister to confirm.

Bring the notifications bar down again and hit More > Device > Reset to

Factory Defaults, read the text and tap Erase Everything.

You’ll have to set up your Wi-Fi network again from scratch.

Download the freeWi-Fi Analyzer app and make sure that busy channels

are not your problem. This will also reveal any signal strength issues.

Kindle technical support phone number

Problem: No sound through Speakers

or Headphones:

Kindle technical support phone number

Potential solutions For Kindle Speaker and


 It’s obvious, but start by trying the volume rocker on the side of the tablet and

check in Settings > Display & Sounds.

 If the speakers aren’t playing any sound then try plugging in your headphones and

unplugging them again, or reboot the tablet by holding down the power button for

20 seconds until it turns completely off, then tap the button again to turn it back


 This could be caused by unplugging your headphones when the tablet is asleep, so

it erroneously believes your headphones are still plugged in and doesn’t play sound

through the speakers.

 If you’re having a problem with the headphones and you have a case on the device,

then try removing the case and plug the headphones in.

 Some cases appear to have a cut-out for the headphone jack, but it may, in fact, be

too small; Or, due to the design of the plug, it might prevent good contact.

 It is also possible you have a faulty jack or speakers.

 If you hear static or distortion, or you find that gently jiggling the headphone jack

produces audio then you might want to contact Amazon and find out about

getting a replacement.

Kindle technical support phone number

Still You Facing Problem With Amazon Kindle

Fire Product than do not waste your time, Call

Our Kindle Fire Support Team. They help

you to resolve your all Kindle Fire issues. Our

Toll-free number is +1-800-987-6301

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