Amazon kindle help number 1 888 905 2204
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Amazon kindle help number 1-888-905-2204 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dial Amazon kindle support @ 1-888-905-2204, to offer you solutions by the most comprehensive technical support team for all issues concerning the Kindle.

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Amazon kindle help number 1-888-905-2204

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Step 1 write and format the book

Step 1 – Write (and Format) the Book!

Call toll free +1-888-905-2204

This one should be pretty obvious, right?

I wrote my Power from Within manifesto in Microsoft Word.

You can choose any word processor, but your best bet will be to choose one that allows you to save the document into a Web Page, Filtered (*HTM & *HTML) format.

Amazon provides you will a whole page full of helpful tips on formatting.

You can find that page here, or see it listed just below the option to upload your book.

Step 2 sign into amazon kdp with your amazon com account

Step 2 – Sign Into Amazon KDP With Your Account

Call toll free +1-888-905-2204

Step 3 add a new title to your amazon kdp bookshelf

Step 3 – “Add a New Title” to your Amazon KDP Bookshelf

Call toll free +1-888-905-2204

Click On ADD New Title

Step 4 edit book details in the your book tab

Step 4 – Edit Book Details in the “Your Book” Tab

Now, it’s time to add all the necessary information about your book.

First, you’ll start by adding the book’s name, and optionally include a Series Title, Volume number and Edition number.

Amazon kindle help number 1 888 905 2204

Moving on to the next step of your book’s details, you’ve given the option to upload a book cover, which I highly recommend.

Amazon recommends either a JPEG (.jpeg) or TIFF (.tif or .tiff) image with dimensions of 1280 pixels wide by 550 pixels tall

Step 5 properly format your book for upload

Step 5 – Properly Format Your Book for Upload

Next, we will be uploading your formatted e-book to the Amazon KDP Bookshelf.

Locate and upload your e-book (in Web Page, Filtered (*HTM & *HTML) format).

If you uploaded the book successfully, you’re given the option to view a preview of the e-book to see how it will appear in its formatted glory:

Step 6 select publishing territories price and royalty rates

Step 6 – Select Publishing Territories, Price and Royalty Rates

Call toll free +1-888-905-2204

At last, you’ll be given a variety of options for publishing territories, and selecting the price of your new e-book, as well as royalty rates.

However, this gets slightly tricky. As Amazon details: You can choose between two royalty options: a 70% royalty option and a 35% royalty option.

For example, for sales in the US, if your book’s list price is between $2.99 and $9.99, you can choose the 70% option. The 35% option is available in the US for books with list prices between $.99 and $200.00.

Step 7 wait for amazon s approval

Step 7 – Wait for Amazon’s Approval

When you are finished with providing all of the details and price specifications of your book, your submission will take usually 24 hours for Amazon to officially approve.

If you go back to make any changes, you will need to resubmit the book for approval, but depending upon the extent of your changes, it will usually take only a few hours for Amazon to approve and update your final product.

Is publishing to amazon kindle worth the investment

Is publishing to Amazon Kindle worth the investment?

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