Ancient near eastern art
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Ancient Near Eastern Art. Map. Mudbrick construction technique. Fortification walls at Jericho. Neolithic city of Jericho. Reconstruction of houses from Ç atal H üyü k (Anatolia—modern Turkey). Neolithic Living. At its height, 1000 dwellings existed at Çatal Hüyük. Homes of Çatal Hüyük.

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Ancient Near Eastern Art

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Ancient Near Eastern Art


Mudbrick construction technique

Fortification walls at Jericho

Neolithic city of Jericho

Reconstruction of houses from Çatal Hüyük(Anatolia—modern Turkey)

Neolithic Living

At its height, 1000 dwellings

existed at Çatal Hüyük

Homes of Çatal Hüyük

  • Mud brick

  • Entrance from above

  • Burials under floor

  • Reed mats for bedding

  • Periodically destroyed and rebuilt above

Cuneiform script

Nanna ziggurat (modern Iraq);c. 2100-2050 BC (mature form) (Nanna=Sumerian moon god)

Plan of mature ziggurat


“White Temple” (modern Iraq)c. 3500-3000 BC(early form)

Interior, “White Temple” Ziggurat

Sculpted vase from Uruk (modern Iraq)c. 3500-3000 BC

Cult figures from the Abu temple in Tell Asmar (modern Iraq)c. 2700-2500 BC

Bull lyre from tomb of Queen Puabi (Iraq)c. 2680 BC

Sargon I

Cylinder seals

Stele of Naram-Sin

Stele of Hammurabi (Iran)c. 1760 BC

King Assurnasirpal II Hunting Lions(Kalhu, modern Iraq)(c. 850 BC)

the lamassu


Chatal Huyuk



Two temples at Uruk

Votive figures

Bull-Lyre (Queen Puabi)

Stela of Narmsin

Code of Hammurabi


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