Friday s quiz prologue part i and chapter 1 15 mc 5 terms significance
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Friday’s Quiz Prologue, Part I, and Chapter 1 15 MC 5 terms/significance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friday’s Quiz Prologue, Part I, and Chapter 1 15 MC 5 terms/significance. Period One: Technological and Environmental Transformations. 250,000 BCE-600BCE. Global Distribution of Humankind. What is the main idea of this map?. Discuss.

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Friday’s Quiz Prologue, Part I, and Chapter 1 15 MC 5 terms/significance

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Friday’s Quiz Prologue, Part I, and Chapter 115 MC5 terms/significance

Period One: Technological and Environmental Transformations

250,000 BCE-600BCE

Global Distribution of Humankind

What is the main idea of this map?


ChangeWhat was the sequence of human migration across the planet?

Out of Africa to the Ends of the Earth

  • Homo sapiens emerged in eastern and southern Africa 250,000 years ago

  • Africa was home to the “human revolution”

  • Technological innovations: stone and bone tools.

  • 100,000-60,000 years ago humans begin to migrate out of Africa.



In what ways did various Paleolithic societies differ from one another, and how did they change over time?


  • Read “The Emergence of Humankind.” Summarize the main idea of the passage on the bottom of the page.


  • Read your assigned section of text.

  • Summarize the main idea. Pay attention to dates and the sequence of events.

  • Share with members who read a different section.

  • Create a time line of the migration of humankind during the Paleolithic Age, as a group.

Something New: The Emergence of CIVILIZATION

  • Civilization was a global phenomenon ALL over the world.

  • Developed after 3500 B.C.E.

  • One of the earliest civilizations emerged in Sumer (southern Mesopotamia)

    • First written language

    • Cuneiform

The Fertile Crescent

The Global Spread of Agriculture


ChangeWhat accounts for the initial breakthroughs to civilization?


ChangeWhat was revolutionary about the Agricultural Revolution?


ComparisonWhat different kinds of societies emerged out of the Agricultural Revolution?

First Civilizations

Çatalhüyük: So What?



  • What was the role of cities in the early civilizations?



  • In what ways was social inequality expressed in early civilizations?



  • What were the sources of state authority in the First Civilizations?

Ziggurat/temple to the Mesopotamian moon godNanna

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