Managing Exceptions

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Managing Exceptions

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1. Managing Exceptions In this section we will cover: Correcting and resubmitting time in OAKS which is known as Managing Exceptions Who will be responsible for this process - Timekeeper

2. By December 18th, you will receive an email that contains the link to access the live OAKS system along with your User Id and Password. Once you click on the live link the screen will look like the one below. Action: Key in your User Id and Password and click on Sign In.

3. This screen shows all the options that will be available to you in OAKS. The three main functions in OAKS will be Time and Labor Reporting, Managing Exceptions, and Approvals. However, your User Id will only show the options that are available to you. Action: Click on the link for Time and Labor.

4. Action: Click on View Exceptions and Attendance.

5. Action: Click on Exceptions.

6. The following screen will appear. Action: Enter your Group Id and click on Get Employees.

7. Group Id’s

8. At this point you will either have a list of exceptions or have no exceptions. If no names are listed, you have no exceptions and the Approver can go to the approval process. Otherwise, you need to proceed to the next slide.

9. However, if you do have a list of employees, you will see a short Description and Exception Id that identifies the exception. Notice the tab in the middle of the page called Overview. Action: Click on the Details tab next to Overview.

10. This screen shows additional information concerning the exception. Once you review the exceptions: Action: Make note of the employees in the list.

11. Action: Click on Manager Self Service.

12. Action: Click on Report Time.

13. Action: Click on Timesheet.

14. Action: Enter your Group Id and click on Get Employees.

15. This screen shows all of the employees under your Group Id. Action: Click on the name of the employee with the exception.

16. Action: Click on the down arrow next to the View By box and select Time Period. Action: Click on the calendar icon to select the Start Date of the pay period with the exception. Action: Change the time that has the exception.

17. In this example, the employee did not have enough comp time to take 4 hours on 11/29. Once all the changes are made: Action: Click on Submit.

18. Once you click on Submit, you will receive the following screen. Action: Click Ok Action: Once all exceptions are corrected and submitted, the Manager will then need to go through the Approval process.

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